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Walkthrough Pankapu

Walkthrough Pankapu


After the cut-scene you go to the right side of the screen to open the map. Select the first mission.

Hold the Q key to protect, click S to hit. Press the SPACE To jump.

The first point on the map - this is the same tree. There is nothing you can do. Go away to the right and select the next mission on the map.

Sages Spinney

Go ahead and jump over the obstacle. Kill black monsters. Jump over thorny plants, and hold SPACE to jump to the high ledge. The longer you hold the key, the jump is higher.

Jump so that the monsters go from you to the right. Follow through low corridor. Hold Q, to put the block. Walk up to the monster and the hide. Jump up to the yellow ring. When the ring will form, then the game will continue. So checkpoints look.


You will see the first boss, like a monkey with a big metal hand. He moved from side to side, not see where your character is. You need to jump over it and apply a blow from behind. After that, the boss turns around and tries to attack you. You should run away after the blow. Deliver a few such blows to defeat in battle.


Go to the next checkpoint. Jump forward, kill enemies and do not fall for the thorns. Stand on the platform and climb down. This is the next checkpoint.

You will need to kill a few more black monsters and a monkey with a mechanical arm. Soon the mission is completed.

Crossways Garden

Go right and kill the black monsters. Kill a large bubble and remain two small. Kill them. Go to the bud to the right, and then run in the opposite direction, but the slope upward. Go inside the cave; press the arrow key "up".


Kill enemies and try not to fall under the pop-up spikes; go down lower and lower. Jump and take the "tear Ferema".


Go left and jump on the ledge above. Get on to move the platform to the exit of the cave and leave it.


You will return there, where there were already. Go to the bud right that everyone had seen, and use tear Ferema automatically.


Climb higher and find the first fragment Lycanites. When will collect four of these fragments, it will increase the maximum health of a single cell. Jump higher and higher, then head down, avoid spikes. Go up on the blue ridges.

NOTE. You can attack with a mechanical monkey paw another method. Apply three hits non-stop. During these attacks the monkey can’t counter your hero. But after the third blow your character takes a pause. At this point, you have to run off and then repeat the action.

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