Walkthrough Pathologic 2
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Walkthrough Pathologic 2

Read Walkthrough Pathologic 2.


Look for a small passage to the theater hall on the right side. Talk to the strange man. You will be in the hospital. The game will tell you how to highlight other characters. Take advantage of this and talk with all three characters. The door will open to the city (at the first floor).

You will see a mark on the map where you should go. Go to the cathedral, talk to people on the way. When you get to the cathedral, talk to two characters, and then with a strange person who appears at the table.

Then you find yourself in a train car. Talk with a man lying in a coffin. Next, wait for the train derailment. Go outside, talk to one of the orderlies, and then walk past them until you die.

As a result, you will find yourself again in the train, where you need to talk to a Fellow Traveler. Then you will be in a small house. In the rooms there will be people who turn into monsters. But in one there will be a girl who asks for water. First you need to find a bottle. It is located in the previous room in the sink.

Next, find the exit to the street and collect water from the barrel. Then go back to the girl and your dream will end.

Then make you to learn a fist fight. After training, in the final battle let yourself be finished, after which the whole scene will end and you will again find yourself in a train that will arrive in the city. They go into the building. Immediately search the room on the right, where you can find a whole bunch of objects.

Then go through the corridors and climb to the second floor. From there, you look for the living room. Then you will enter the city, where the main story will begin.

Day One. Act I

Immediately inspect all the corpses in front of you. Pass along the road, until you see three characters. Talk with them. Next, you start to explore warehouses. You need to come to the "Griff's Nest" and talk to the hero's old friend:

Walkthrough Pathologic 2
Walkthrough Pathologic 2

There is a clock. Activate the clock to save the game. You can find such clock in several houses throughout the city. Having done, leave the building and search the warehouses. There you will receive information about the killer woman, as well as an unknown character will run up to you and start a dialogue, and other tasks will open automatically.

How to quickly move around the city? Where to look for "fingernail" for the boatman?

You will have a sign that will lead you to the boatman. He will be able to get you to other points for one "Fingernail." These items can be found in caches or exchanged with the residents of the city.

Next will be a series of conversations with different NPC. Just visit all the tags on the map during the day. Every day at exactly 7:30, new storylines appear, and some will end. Also do not forget that small performances take place every night in the theater. The building is situated here:

Walkthrough Pathologic 2
Walkthrough Pathologic 2

Day two. Act 2

In the theater you have to watch the rehearsal. A little later, a strange person will appear on the scene with whom you need to talk. If this does not happen, then go to the theater a little later.

At 7:30, the storyline of Act 2 begins, and in the beginning meet with Fat Vlad. Talk with him, a new mark will open. And if you exit the building, you will find a man with a mustache:

He will tell you about the raid and a new mark will appear on the map. Go there, talk to the character at the table, and then go into the building and take the key from the father’s house, where you need to go.

Search the rooms in the house, as you can find a lot of useful things. The main thing is to find a rusty key with a note that will open a new mark on the map. Before leaving, go to the left room, where Devotress will appear and talk to her.

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