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Walkthrough Pathologic Classic HD

The Bachelor

Day 1

You appear on the second floor of the Slough, Eve Yahn's cottage. Open the door(‘E’), go downwards and speak with Eve. You will get acquainted with her and with yourself, and at the same time learn, that for the meeting with Simon you will be prepared by Georgiy. Also she will mention about noise in the court yard. Later you will be able to take a quest from Eve, so come from it later.

Leave the house. Before you there will be two Masks - the Bird mask and the Tragedian. You can talk to them – it’s sort of a tutorial. Pass deep into the courtyard - it appears, that Eve heard right. Two people were making the noise, sitting at the rustling fire. They are a factory man and a morlock. You will meet the last one later. You can attack them, learn how to fight. Take revolver ammo from their corpses. Go to George's house – the Horns. He will stun you with the news that Simon is killed. And you receive the first task.

Quest of the day "Pursuing the killer": find the murderer of Simon.

Victor has some guesses on this account - come visit him, it in the next house. Learn, that shortly before death Simon Kain was visited by Isidor Burakh, a healer, a man, very much respected in the city. Your way lies to his house - it is in the Earth, east part of city. The way lays long.

On your way not to waste time, I recommend to take a quest from Lara Ravel. Go in the western part of city (the Stone court yard) to northern bridge, and pass it, walk upstairs. You will find yourself in the central part of the city (the Knots) to the north from Theatre. Go forward, and on a fork come downstairs at the left and go to Lara’s house. Lara will give you a quest.

Quest "Version: multilegged fugitive": find the cache of “powders” – according to rumors, an open house, that can almost be seen from Eve Yahn’s house windows. A couple of years ago children were playing plague and mixed random medicine together. Many got poisoned. Now they are looking for the old “powders” and Lara wants you to confiscate them from the cache.

The cache is called Mold. To the south of the Theatre one of the ruins, “Stairways into the sky”, is located – the target house is the first one to the south. But meanwhile - from Lara’s house head in the east direction on the road, leading by one more «Stairway into the sky» and pass through the bridge. Go along the fencing around the Stem, Saburovs’ mansion, to the left; at the corner turn right and take the road behind a drugstore and Peter's house on the north - then this road smoothly turns to the east. Isidor’s house is there nearby – be sure to check with the map and not to miss the right turn.

Volunteer patrol is standing in front of Isidor’s house. Sad news – Isidor Burakh has been killed this night by his own son. Go talk with Saburov for explanations. Go back, and come into the Stem from the east. Saburov will advise to speak with Julia, and also will tell that on the waste ground of the bone pole people want to burn a girl, he has sent his patrolmen there.

For now - go to Julia. Back through the bridge, walk upstairs and go on the north, to her private residence ("Seine"). She will notice, that Isidor has visited Simon late at night, and has returned to the town still before dark - meaning, he has also met someone else. Most likely, he came to Vlad Olgimskiy. Also you will learn from Julia that at Anna Angel’s place some stained with blood murderer has hidden.

Go back through the bridge, right after the bridge go on road to the south. After a tavern turn east and enter the Verbae, Anna Angel's mansion. There’s a dead person lying there. He is not a murderer. Anna has a bad past, therefore she asks you to help her bury the man quietly, for what you will need to go to the cemetery.

Quest "Version: bloody fugitive": take care of the murdered person’s burial.

You will be charged 2000 coins for the burial - so decide, whether it is necessary for you to spend so much for the reward in the form of a heap of female ornaments (which can be exchanged at girls for ammo, and in the future – for medicine). In any case, from Anna's private residence pass a couple of meters to the south and take the east road. Almost at once you will see two three-storey houses to the left, connected by an arch, and two more behind them. Pass through the arch to find yourself at the waste ground of a bone pillar. Watch the script scene of the dancer being burnt, and pick up a revolver and some ammo from the corpses of patrolmen. Now return to the road and go south. Pass by three greater three-storey houses (in the last one can buy food) and turn off on the West.

Having got over through the bridge, come to Vlad Olgimskiy. He doesn’t want to talk about Isidor. Curses his son, who is acquainted with morlocks. But where his son is – he wouldn’t tell. Oh well, leave the house and wait some time – a worm will appear (as in Eve Jan's court yard, it is represented in a picture opposite to an input in private residence Olgimskiy). Run after it – it’ll lead you to Olgimskiy’s house and then attack. You can also finish Eve Yahn’s quest, so that she could tell you, where he is as a reward.

Any how, you will find yourself near a house, in which the windows are bricked up. Enter. Talk to Vlad – he will offer you a quest to murder the butcher – you can refuse, if you want to take Eve’s task to help the butcher escape into the Steppe. He’ll also say, that his father didn’t believe Isidor, even though he came all wrapped up in draping, reeking of immune herbal mixtures speaking about the decease. So Younger Vlad locked up the Apiary to isolate it from decease.

It becomes evident, that Simon died of the illness that he caught from Isidor, who wasn’t killed by his son… In the evening Rubin wanted to examine the body – you must warn him. He will be at the Horns with Victor until 9:00, and with Grigoriy after.

Quest "Version: beastlike fugitive": (if taken from Younger Vlad): kill the butcher in Ospina’s basement. Reward – money.

Quest "Version: beastlike fugitive": (if taken from Eve Yahn): persuade Ospina into helping the butcher escape into the steppe. Reward – golden ring, bronze bracelet, earrings.

On your way to Ospina’s house exchange the junk you found for useful items with kids and drunkards. Talk to Ospina. You may ask her to take the butcher into the Steppe, or go to the basement from the other side entrance and kill the butcher. Depends on what quest you have chosen to do.

Head to the cemetery – Laska is not there. The gravediggers ask you for 2000 coins in exchange for burying the corpse without any noise. If you sold all the items you exchanged before, you should already have enough money. Pay the gravedigger, return to Anna for the reward.

Return to Vlad for the reward, or if you helped the butcher escape – to Eve. On your way there enter the “powder cache” house – talk to the Dog heads. It seems that the cache was ransacked. Pick up all the items lying all around, including a powder. Return to Lara – you may decide to keep or sell the powder for 1000 coins. I recommend you keep it – you’ll need it later.

Having taken Eve’s reward, go to Victor in the Horns, talk to Rubin. Talk to Georgiy. Quest completed.

On the second day the prices will go up significantly, so if you’re short on food, you should buy some.

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