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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Pavilion

Walkthrough Pavilion

Level 1

Click on “Space” and press any key to the" arrow ". You will manage a luminous ball. Fly to the bell and press the SPACE key. Follow for hero. He stops in front of a dark area. Interact with a lantern in the bush, to turn on the light.

Hero will come to cabinet and open the drawer. You will see the pendant. Take it. When the hero will stop and start to cave something in the wall, left you find the passage. At the top there is another Bell - hit on it, so that the character went in that direction.


Level 2

There are two points where you can turn on the light. Turn one is below - the hero finds a passage pictures (drawings) with some building. Character finds the key inside drawer. Take it. Turn the light in the building next to the gate. Inside is another key that unlocks the nearest gate.

Now there are two lanterns and a bell. You can activate only one lantern. First, turn on the light on the left lantern. Strike the bell, the hero ran. When he overcomes the first lantern then the light is turned on in the second, right.


Level 3

At the beginning of the level you need to open the door, ran through the center of the plate. There are four lamps. You need that two lanterns on the diagonal are turned. The hero must go first to the left or right, and then come around, because ahead is dark. Set the light, hit the bell.


You will see how some girl threw a wrench to a man. Take the key with a rose. The key will automatically merge with the pendant. Inside you will see an image of the building. Ring the bell on the right, the hero ran to him. Turn off the lights on the lamp near to a man that he doesn’t run back.


He goes upstairs and gets up to the plate in the floor that will give energy to the right half of the door.

Turn off the lights on the lamp on the left and ring the bell left. Man run to a dark place and climb up the stairs, stand on another button in the floor. The door is open!

Level 4

He will climb down the other stairs, so turn on the lights. There are three bells. Every one of them says to move in any direction. Number them from 1 to 3 from left to right. Click on the following bells: the first (left), the second (middle - man run through the button). Open the door. But it will open some time. So you need to quickly run through it. You need click on the third (right) and the second (middle) a bell to pass through the open door.

Please write in the comments below if you want to see the continuation!

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