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Walkthrough Paws – A Shelter 2 Game


Move forward after the introductory movie. Use the keys W, S, A, D. Go to the mother- lynx. She brought the prey. Eat, click the right mouse button. Follow for lynx. Run (hold down the SHIFT key). You can push your brothers and sisters. Run on a trampoline with the acceleration and jump from stone. Catch butterflies on the meadow, jump them (SPACE key). You will see the prompt, click on the right mouse button. You use flair of lynx and discover the traces. Go for the mother in the den.


Follow the lynx and then sit down and look at the stars. Then go back to the den.

The next day

Go back for your mother. Press the M key, when you will see the prompt. So you open the box with memories. So far, there are no memories. Continue to follow, get down by pressing the left CONTROL. Eat (hold down the right mouse button). Go forward until you reach the river.

When you go out from the river and then move forward. Get through a narrow slit. Follow further towards fireflies. Move to other fireflies. When you will see the prompt then you need click on the right mouse button to see the traces of your mother and brothers. You will see a ghost of mother.

Now you have a very long and tedious go on the trail. The tracks will be interrupted after downloading. Move in their direction and look for a continuation. Avoid wild geese (or swans). You can have a meal with eggs in the nest. Eggs are highlighted in red when you press the right mouse button.

To be continued...