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Use the mouse to control the review of the protagonist. The keys W, S, A, D responsible for the movement of the character. Left mouse button - to interact with objects. Jump - Space key. Press the CTRL key to jump. To open the inventory, press the I or B. Turn the flashlight – the button F. Press the ESC key to pause the game and enter the menu.

After the introductory movie go forward, turn right, get down and crawl under the rubble. There will be a new task.

Find Gravedigger

Move all the way forward until you see the front of the locked gate. By the way, to activate the flashlight, open the inventory, click on the flashlight left mouse button and select the phrase "Equip". So, when you see locked gates, then turn left, make a few steps and turn right into the building. Go to the wounded man and talk to him. This is the Gravedigger.

Prepare elixir for Gravedigger

Man tells you that he needs an elixir. To prepare it, you need one plant and a water bottle. There are two bottles of water on the table. You can pick them up at once. Also on the table is a plate (paper support) which is used for recording. Go back to the territory of the cemetery and find a plant that has been shown in the instructions. Open the inventory, select a bottle of water and click on the command "Combine". Click on the plant. You will get the elixir. By the way, you can also use it to treat his character.

Go back to the gravedigger and talk to him. You can talk to him if you have an elixir in your inventory. Follow him. Gravedigger will open the gate. Go through them in another part of the cemetery. Beware of monsters with a flashlight. Hide in the bushes; keep quiet, if a monster nearby. Go the first right, get the elevator and the task is updated.

Run generator to activate elevator









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