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Walkthrough Phantaruk

Walkthrough Phantaruk

Level 1: Arrival

Go forward through the automatic door on the left. Take the first text entry and battery from the table on the left side. Go to the other door. There is a red bar to the right of the door. Remove from AudioCube and replaced the battery. Use the left mouse button for all these actions.

Move to the end of the corridor, where the front door is locked. On the right side there is the vent. Crouch and climb to the other side. Once in the room with chairs and screen for the projector, go to the door, where AudioCube will decipher the first message. You will learn about the first officer Fedorov and Ignatia.

Go through this door. On the right side is another door with a red panel where you want to insert the battery. But you don’t have this thing.

Go to the other side and to the right. Go down the stairs at the end to get the battery box and syringe. Syringe - it is the antidote, which repays your level of radiation. Click the right mouse button. You will see the pulse of your character and (below) the level of infection. Now he will be equal to 100%. Press the key X, to use an antidote. This should be done after you lift it from the box, where the battery is.

Go to that same door and insert this battery in the panel on the right. Move to the large room, like a hangar. You will find another antidote on the table on the left. Go to the other side, go down the stairs down and follow through doorways. Soon it will be necessary to get down and climb up through the next vent. Behind the bars, you'll see the monster. Turn right and pick up the bars. Loading.

Level 2

Ahead there is a dial, but it you do not need. You can find the antidote on the left side of the box. Use costumes to equip it. Now you can turn on the flashlight (button F). Go to the terminal near and listen to the third message from the captain. Remove from the board memo. In inventory, examine it. You'll see the code. I do not know whether the code is generated randomly. In my case it was the numbers 501. Enter this code on the dial, which is seen in the beginning of the level, then press the ACCEPT button.

Go through the hallway. Right down the hall, in the end you can see a monster. Light attracts his attention. Go to his side. Do not worry, the door is closed. There is a vent in the room to the right. With it, move into the new part of the room. Move forward until you reach the fork. There is a door on the left (cargo compartment) front door (office) and the steps to the door on the right (in the Biomed). Go to the door on the right, which leads to the stairs. Look at the box on the right - take the antidote, a note and an ID card. This is ID card from the cargo bay!

Carefully go in the direction of the cargo hold, because the corridor will pass by a monster. When he leaves, go first to the office on the right side. In a back room, where on the wall to the right hangs a monitor, and on the table is the computer, get one more ID card.

Return to the fork and go into the cargo bay. In the left compartment you can find a text message. Go forward until you find yourself in the hallway, where there is electricity. Open the door on the right, use the panel gaps. You will find yourself in any office.

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