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Walkthrough Phoning Home

Walkthrough Phoning Home

Task: Weaponize yourself!

Go out from the ship and find a pipe on the ladder. Use the key E to pick it. Follow on the ledge, move to the left, use SPACE to fly. When you go to the high ledge, the new job will appear.

Task: Craft Yourself some Fuel

Open your inventory by key I. You see the ingredients to create fuel: 1x Seed and 2x Mytox. The seeds can be found in flowers and Mytox - in mushrooms.

Climb up; get down on the other side. You will see a luminous substance on the mushrooms. Look for it to explore. Each time you learn a new resource, your friend adds it to his catalog. You can see their on the compass at the top of the screen.

Move to the left to find large red flowers. Look at them and get a Seed. This is the first ingredient. Collect all that you will see.

Go to destroyed ship to see the gray mushrooms. Collect them and get the Mytox. Collect all to craft fuel.

Open the inventory; you will see that the symbol of fuel is now active. Click to receive fuel. Click on fuel in inventory to fill Jonah.

Task: Build Circuit Purge

Open the inventory and switch recipes to Circuit Purge. You need: 2x Mytox, 1x Roots and 3x Photonics.

Mytox is in gray mushrooms, Photonics - in glowing mushrooms and Roots - in the old stumps. Pay attention to the huge fallen trees, you can see Roots.

When you have all the materials, create a Circuit Purge.

NOTE. Do not click on Circuit Purge; otherwise you'll have to create a new one.

Return to the ship: go to the rock and climb up, click on Space to flight.

Apply the Circuit Purge on the sparkly wiring on the left side of the ship.

Task: Phoning Home!

Move on designated hill and wait. Send a signal will not work.

Collect resources for some time, while your assistant does not inform about the new job. Also you will see the second task. Start it!

Task: Build Teleporter

You need: 2x Crystal, 3x Creonobl and 5x Photonics. Move to different rocks and look for the purple glow to find Crystals. Purple stone - this is Crystal.

Go out into the field at the hill, from which you tried to send a signal. There are sticking tubes with green smoke at the ground. This is Creonobl. Photonics are glowing substances on fungi. Go up to the lighthouse and look Photonics.

Task: Investigate Emergency Signal

Move to the Teleporter marked on the map. Use the "flight" to go upstairs. Come close to the lighthouse and you will hear a message from your friend that this device does not work.

Next, you will cross a deep gorge with the help of teleporter.

Remember a metal item in the ground near the lighthouse. Look at the other side of the gorge. There is the plate. Switch to the teleporter; press the "2", then shoot in detail on the other side, and after - in the plate under the lighthouse. Enter the portal there and you will be on the other side.

Find shiny silver stone near the rocks on the left side. It is Turanon. Collect it and repair kits, to reduce 30% the strength of your robot.

Go to the ship and find black round plate. Interact to lower the platform and go inside. Once your partner will report about problem, you will see a new task - it is necessary to repair the wiring of spaceship.

Task: Communication Array for Cruiser

Open the inventory and look for the Communication Array. For its craft you need to get the following materials and articles: x5 Crystal, x1 Solar Module and x1 Circuits.

For the craftof Solar Module you need: x3 Crystal, x4 Photonics, x1 Turanon.

And for the craft of wiring you need: x2 Turanon, x1 Ferron and x1 Black Residue.

Black Residue you can see on the field, not far from your vehicle - a black energy beams, floating in the air. You can find their and not far from this starship.

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