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Walkthrough Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Detailed walkthrough of the storyline


Go along the only path, looking through the old memories of the Guardian. In the end, you will reach the room with the God of death. Communicate with him on all topics and select your story (prehistory - the events of the first part of the game).

Agree to help, follow on and click on the body lying on the bed. Before this, you will need to customize the character. You need to select a class, race, and more. It's up to you.

Having woken up, you can talk to Eder. He is your assistant. Once a drunken sailor logs, you click on the cupboard and take away the armor. Go up to the deck, defeat several pirates, click on the LMB, then decide - to save the supply crate, which shows the symbol of the fortress of Caed Nua, or help the poor sailor Chitupek, who fell overboard.

If you decide to save the supply crate, you will see it Vilario's Rest on Port Maje Island. Inside the box, there are the killer's gloves and consumables.

Port Maje Island

After the crash, you will be on the shore of an unknown island. Talk to Eder. He can be your first companion. It will be possible to choose a character class - an adventurer or a fighter. It is not recommended to use multiclasses for beginners.

To Hunt a Good

When you are in Port Maje, you need to talk to Governor Clario in his estate. You will find out that some townspeople saw a giant at the site of excavation in the eastern part of the archipelago.

Complete the side tasks in Port Maje. Leave the city to load the map of the whole island. Go to the burial place to the left of Port Maje. Look this place to collect useful items. Go down and to the right, where there is a passage. At the top there is a forest marker. Go there and track down the old druid. Talk to him. If you want, you can fight, but you better not do that. Just say that you look for Eothas and he will give you a medallion.

Continue to look different places where you can find useful items or even trade. Go to the right through the thickets (you will need to kill several enemies). You reach the Engwithan Digsite. Above them there are fragments of the ship (on the edge of the archipelago), which can be searched in the same way as the Whakura Pass near Port Maje.

Go to the excavations and see the numerous stone statues - these are petrified people. Click on them to collect useful items. Here it will be necessary to communicate with Zoti to advance on her side task.

Downstairs kill two panthers and free people in the cell. Talk to them and go to the arena sub-level. It's a huge location with a lot of monsters, but in the end, you'll get to the pillar. Interact with him to view the scene with Eotas. So the task " To Hunt a Good" will be completed.


You need to leave the Vilario's Rest through the point of interaction on the right side of the island, then you head north to the archipelago in Port Maje. On the way to the crossroads, you can help pilgrims with a cart to earn 15 silver plumbing. Otherwise, you can attack them and pick up useful items.

Once in Port Maje, go ahead and watch the events on the market square. Then you will notice the Governor Clario. Ask for help, and then go to the governor's house. Click on M to open the map and see the icon that points to the house.

Go to the estate and talk to the governor on various topics. Agree to help with his problems, which is important in the plot of the game.

Once in the place of the Engwithean Digsite, look around and kill all the enemies. There are several passes here, among others - the foreman's house. Go inside, kill the spiders and search the table on which you will find the amulet. He will go to the section of the cache with quest items.

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