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Walkthrough Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part 2

Forgotten army

How to start the task: the task starts automatically immediately after the storyline of the first part supplement of the White March.

The decisions that you make during a text sequence will not affect the further walkthrough of the game.

"Forgotten Army" - is the first quest storyline of the second supplement to the Pillars of Eternity game called White March. It starts automatically after the completion of the first part of the storyline.

Your task is the return in Dirvud. You can move around locations on the main map, as long as you do not leave the territory of the "White March". Then you need to just relax. You can make this in any place of rest, in your fortress or camp. During sleep, you will see a vision of who will learn about the mysterious army. Also you will get some experience.

Once you go through the gates of the village, you will automatically move to the gathering place. Now you have to go to the village of Stolvort in the territory of White Marsh. During the trip you will have the opportunity to increase the level of complexity of future battles. This decision depends on the level of your team, equipment and the need for complicating of the walkthrough. Once you go through the gate will start the cut-scene, during which you will listen to Derian. He tells of a mysterious army of your sleep. You will also take part in a long conversation, but your decision will not affect anything in the future.

When the conversation is over, it will automatically begin a new quest - "Iron trawl" and "Preparation of guns."

The Iron Flail

Ready the Cannons

Side Quest. Whispers in the dark

How to get a job: you need to talk with Ismail after you enter in mine of Stolvorta.

Jamal life depends on your decision and completing this quest.

When you enter in the mine of Stolvorta, you will see the cut-scene. One of the miners arrested and charged with the murder of his colleague. During the conversation with Ismail, you'll learn about the case. You will be asked to investigate it.

You need follow the arrows during the fight with the ice trolls.

Now you have to go north to the cave. You can interrogate Teriksa, or go directly to the next place - mine with sulfur. You will find a lot of fights. And the most difficult battle - the battle with the ice trolls. In the sulfuric mine you will find Kilani, with which to communicate. But you will have to fight with her. It is necessary to destroy the two constructs that accompany her. Please take care of Kilani, and then focus on the constructs.

In the same room you will find the entrance to the tunnels - look at the top. To get to the other side, you should perform the following steps:

* Go in tunnels.

* Turn in the left corridor.

* Turn the right corridor.

* Use a hammer and gold to find a passage in the mine.

* Turn in the left corridor.

In these halls you can also find treasures (300 coins and very good gloves). To get to the treasure, follow these steps:

* Go in tunnels.

* Turn the right corridor.

* Turn the right corridor.

* Light the torch.

* Go forward.

* Turn right.

* Collect treasures.

Tunnels will lead you to the luminous cave. After enter in to it you will see the missing miners and monster named Vithrack. They will attack you as soon as the notice. Go to Vithrack home immediately after the fight. Kill the three remaining opponents and a few spiders. Go to the door. Unfortunately, the door is protected by a magical barrier. You must find a way to get inside the house.

You need to activate stealth mode to reveal the crystal.

Go a little to the west, and then turn north toward the nest of monsters. Along the way you have to destroy a large group of enemies and go through a lot of traps. Go to the monument in a secretive mode and take a crystal of monsters. Now you can go back to their home. The barrier will disappear automatically, when you're around it.

After you kill the leader, then disappear two vines around.

Inside you will find the final battle. During a call, if you have 18 points "Constitution" and 15 points "strongly", you will be able to deal with two enemies and simplify the match. To do this, you need to breathe in spores. The fight will be difficult, even with the enemy, which will be two assistants.

During the first phase of the battle, stay away from the controversy and focus on weaker enemies. Try to keep your team is not be in the same place. Otherwise the enemy will attack to hit one of several fighters.

Do not forget to collect all the valuable items after the fight (very good pistol lying on the table). Use the tunnel at the top of the room, to leave this place. Return to Ismayil and talk to her. You'll get 2000 coins, a lot of experience. In addition, it will be improved reputation in Stolvort.

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