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Walkthrough Pillars of Ethernity


Go to the west, we find bushes behind the wolf. Go across the bridge over the bag with water, when the fall into an ambush, then kill the enemies and go to the camp. We kill the Aboriginal. Then you will  be under the ground. We investigate possible accuracy. There is a false wall on the right side of the trap, so it is with the left side of the corridor. Go left, we reach to the cache, there is wash the face of the statue, and then insert the crystal that found at the ghoul. You have to go near the trap or through the wall to the right to get out of this level.  We find spiders near the exit. The level exit.

After roller leave the Sillant Liss, go to Veilvud. Don't hurry to join the battle, since we are still without assistants. We go on the road to the southern exit from the area. We communicate with the person who stands at the bridge. We pass into the Gilded Valley neighborhood. As we arrive, we start to take the mission, as well as information currently employ assistants.

Plea mother

We are in the house on the northwest side of the area. Woman asks to find a priestess, it should assist in making potions.

We need to go to the south Compass Anesloyga. You need find at the shore the camp, where is the sorceress. We talk to her, and then give the job. First you need go to the camp to the east of the location. It's simple. Then she ask to find spores that are located in a cave a little above the camp. We kill all within the 1st fungus and collect material. We give it to sorcerer who cook from it something. Bring this case the customer.

Is late for dinner

Take the mission of the tavern. Cantiniere asks to find a cook, he was lost. We head to Veilvud. Go to the northeast, you will find him in the hands of the bandits. Take him and speak with him. Cook back in the tavern.

Dungeon mystery

You get mission if you go down to the catacombs in the middle of the location, there will be a guy. He asks to find what remains of the dead and to get into the depths of the catacombs on 2 levels. One will get the job is not real, because the enemy is strong. After the  win go to the bells. We need to play a certain melody. There is the tip in the book, which is on the shelf behind the bells. Tip: right, center, left, right.

Floor below the hard to clean, but do not all kill. We pass to the hall, there is a wheel, twist it, and then pick up the key from the mantle. Unlocks the door. Go into the necessary room, which is in the south area. Open the door use a hidden knife switch in the wall. Collect the remains, go on, find a way out of the dungeon 1 level. When you leave then give the remains to the customer.

Shallow Ground

Get mission in Veilvude, where there is a cave with a bear. First you need to kill him and talk to the spirit. It is necessary to go into town and find a house on the side the northeast, near the tree. There's two people.

War Food

Take the mission Gilded valley at the mill. Finish it easily. We go to the mill and talk to the little man. Then we go to the tavern and find Svejnar. We entertain a beer, chat quietly or threatened when he agrees to finish, then return to the mill.

Lord wasteland

To get the job, you need to get the job in "The War of food." We talk to strangers and go to the east road and go in Estervud. Then we find the citadel and Redrika. The entrance is located on three sides. On the right side is the safest option - go through the drain.

Here we will have a lot of traps and enemies. 1st floor or clean up or try to go to the north, where there is access to the rooms of the castle, and from there it will be easier to reach the Lord. Free the guy out of the cell.

We leave and go to the location above. In a box near the stairs put monastic robe. Then go to the right, do not fall into the guard, which runs around the first corridor. Then we see another guard, too, to avoid it. Then go over the wall on the left side of the temple, pull by the eye of the skull. It opens a secret door. There's a monk, he gives the key to say that we can rest. Let's go through the doors below. In the north-western rooms we find a passage in the hall. You can choose:

  • Kill Redrika
  • Help suppress a rebellion

Well suited for the elimination of massive witchcraft, and if shoot the heavy soldiers (armor-piercing weapons), while a tank body closes its passage.

Ship to forge

In this task which can be obtained from the forge in ten cities, it is necessary to find cargo. You go to Magranovo then turn right out to the east, we continue the way along the road that leads to the "Black Meadow. We go on the road to the north and you will see bandits. So the task is completed. When you see cargo then refer it back.

Lost cargo

The girl ( in the center of the scene) give us the task. She asks to return the goods, as well as to destroy the bandits. They are located just below the cliff. Decide the fate, then the quest will be completed.

Visions and whispers

We visit the center of the village and talk to the ghost of gnome that shines purple. We go to the Black meadow, leave the location to the east of the path leading to the Qaeda Nua. As we arrive, we take the person to the party, which is close, go in the depth of the fortress. We find the statue in the room to the north, which is to say, how to find the right person.

We go down to the dungeon and begin to kill the spiders. How to clean up the level and go down below, on the left side of the exit we see the door that leads to the right person. If you can open locks, go around and kill looters. Then we find the switch near the wall, it will unlock the door. We talk and decide the fate of a madman back to the throne. Updated quests, there is a couple of additional tasks.

Dungeons Od Nua

Time and tide

We continue the adventure in the depths of the catacombs. Go to the barrier of magic. We clean the subway and go to the third level. Ogr gives mission 'Desperate Measures'. Immediately after the job we undertake the search for seals, because you need to go further. How to perform a task, find ourselves at the seventh level of the doors is the solution. The key lies in a room in one of the series of compartments, it is located on the body at this level.

Desperate Measures

You take mission at ogre in the Od Nua on the third level. You need to bring a necklace of witch. It is located at the same level, however, a good protection. You can go two ways: jump into the abyss at the second level, as a result bypassed. Or go to a frontal attack across the bridge. The secret of success lies in the sequence of defrauding foes. To attack all at once does not make sense. So that the output priority of the druid and a warrior, then we beat Zollo. We give beads and get rewards.

Infinity Blade ways

You can take this mission if you find at least one part of the sword. One part is situated behind the barrier. At the first location in the house lizards. At the twelfth level of sub-maps we find the sphere. It protects the spiders. The next piece of the sword is located on the ninth level. Immediately after the room with the spikes in the hallway is a switch on the side of the drive. Go into stealth mode, open the secret door, we find there a piece. Another piece is located on the fifth level, a dragon treasure.  Go to the blacksmith. They are in the Fortress Horn. You get two-handed weapon.

The owner in the depths

statue will take the mission after you cleam stronghold. We go down into the pit, which is located on the second level of the dungeon, just behind the barrier. There are five levels. On the fifth level, kills the dragon and get to the sixth. To make it easier to cope with the dragon, you need to lure him into a narrow corridor. We go down further and end the "Print infinite paths," so deepen the catacombs. Let's go through the seventh level, if we find each pyramid statues in the hall in the form of a circle. Security at the main entrance will be much less, we will be able to pass. Eighth Level more dangerous, there is only fighting. Go the ninth, while killing the guards.

Go to the ninth level, you need to prepare well. There will be a lot of creatures. You need to find the key in cells to pass the room with stakes. He unlocked the first of the cells, which have the key of the door bottom. Then again fight with the enemy, then move on to the tenth level. It is small level, a staircase would lead on the eleventh. They will find a way to start or continue the path.

Twelfth level will be much more dangerous, but the puzzles will not be here. Make its way further if you have the patience. We go the door, and then chat with the ghost of the north location, he says the oath, use it will go inside. There is a good defense. If you kill it, then get on the fourteenth level. At this level you lure the enemy into a narrow passage, then it is possible to destroy all of queuing. Next fifteenth level - a great battle with the dragon.

It is very difficult to kill his, but there is one secret to guarantee a positive outcome. We try to do so, that between you and the enemy appeared lizard. Then you can shoot a helpless dragon.

Stamp infinite paths

One stamp is located on the fourth level of sub-location in the drawer. The second is located on the sixth level, in the west of the tomb. The third is located on the sixth level to the east. How to put it all, we go to 6 level to the north, where we find the door with stamps. Behind each is a symbol, we introduce, as shown in the picture at the wall. Then we pull the door. So to complete the quest, and then in the depths of the job owner will go to the seventh level.

We leave the citadel and go in a new direction, which is located to the southeast. This path leads us to the "rural plains." We pass to the left and go into the city.

Bay rebellion

Broken Engagement

You take the mission in the restaurant "Gus and the fox" at the little girl on the right side of the bartender. We go to the north, we find the house. We talk to Purnisom. We can give a ring, stomp on the second floor. The guard passes for a hundred coins. On the second floor we are fighting with the guard and talk to the Purnisom. Then go down and persuade magician complete farce. How to finish, we go to the guy, and then the girl.

A voice from the past

You take the mission at man above the catacombs. A man ask to go into the catacombs. Enter through the south-east. In the west, we find the inside man who knows where she is. But he tells it only if we help him take revenge and return the book. We go to the hospital in Brekenburi. At the second level we find the old man and learn about the book. Go back to the sewers. Kill liar and take the amulet. We give it to the customer.


Take the mission at a man in the sewers behind the closed door to the south. We decide his fate. Immediately at level 2 we find novices, they know the information about key. There are two options passage. Pretends to be a novice, we find the mask on the first level. As we arrive at the soldiers, give a bribe and go through the hall. Another option - kill all and palpable nature. So finish the mission "is always near the Queen" will be a few more.

The Parable of the Vale

You take mission in Koperleyne, but rather to the northwest in the room hidden secrets. We need to find a scroll that thieves stole at the monks. We find the robbers in the "rural plains" near the house. Kill them and pick up the scroll, hear the voice, you must hide it in the Black meadow. Hiding it in a dragon bone, who are at the exit location in the east.

Duplex operation

We get the quest in the house behind the market in Koperleyn. The door is not marked on the map. There are several thieves. We interrupt them and go into the house Domenelov Brenkduri. They are asked to steal a little thing. Given the choice to accept or refuse.

Knight robber

Take mi ssion from military commander in the guild, which is located to the north Kerleyna. He asks to get a bib and still kill a specific person. We go to the fortress, we need to talk to that person, he will say that our customer a liar. It is necessary to find a characteristic which is situated in a room to the right side of Penhelma. We refer to the description of the little man in the hut Hadreda. If we refer to the employer, then the exit we were met by a liar. We can kill him and take away the bib.

Smouldering corners faith

You get mission inside the palace of the Duke, on the right side of the entrance nuns. Go to the "refuge Admesa", which is located in the town. We get in the information in the Hall and walk into the room to the east of the location, remove the card from the target location. We go to the rural plains, and from there go south to the scorching waterfalls. We find the location in the cave, which is in the north, killing the dragon inside. Include sparks employer.

Lost Guards

This task we take in the "Fortress of the Thunder," it is located in the "first fire". Go to the northeast and find the tomb. It is necessary to kill the cast and custody. We report to the customer and get their gold.

Hurt feelings

Take quest Domenelov in the house on the second floor at the girly. She asked the guy to beat in the area of Dar Ondara. We find him in the house north of Kolfega. And report to decide the fate ordered it.

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