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Walkthrough Pinstripe

Walkthrough Pinstripe

Wagon 1

First, learn from the management. You need to use the A and D keys or the left and right arrows to move. Press the W key or the up arrow to jump. Press the Space key to interact with objects.

Choose any options in conversation with the girl, confirming the decision with the Enter key.

Go to the next screen on the right and jump on the table with cups over the fireplace, and then jump to the ledge on the left to pick up a frozen drop of oil.

The door to the right is closed. Above it you see a light bulb. There is a long cable from the lamp. Jump where you found a drop of oil, and go left, to the previous screen. Click on the button on the wall, and then go back and go through the opened door.

Interact with the portrait to save the game. Take the medallion that hangs on the chains, and go to the next screen.

Go to the low button and click on it. The girl must say that she will reach her. Stand at the second button on the left. Press Space when both buttons light up. Only way you will open the door. Go to the next car.

Wagon 2

In this car you must you need to take a notebook lying on the couch. Next, click three times in a row on the button to rotate all three platforms. Each has a button - jump on three platforms to click on each button. You have to do it before when at least one of them turns over. If this happens, repeat the procedure.

You will have a talk with Mr. Pinstripe and then go into the next room with barrels. Examine the bag with black liquid. Go back and Bo will run for the flying black ball. Run after her in the very first room to find out about the loss of the girl.

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