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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition

Walkthrough Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition

At the beginning of the game, the protagonist wakes up on the stove in Morgam. He is not remember nothing. Suddenly the skull will speak with you.

The skull will introduce itself and call its name Morte and tell about the events. You are locked in the preparatory room on the second floor Mortuary. The whole face is in the scars, the back is filled with tattoos, like some instructions. You need to find a man named Pharod, as well as a missing magazine. But first you need to leave the room, and then - Mortuary.

Morte is the first character to join your squad.

Act 1

The events of the first act occur on a location called Mortuary. This is a kind of training ground, where you will become familiar with the interface and game mechanics. Your first task is to leave the preparatory room. Since all the doors leading to the first floor are locked, you need to find a way to the third level.

Find the key to the Mortuary sanctuary. Apply it to open the locked doors and go down to the first tier, and then leave the location.

On the Mortuary location you will encounter the following creatures:

  • Zombie. These are harmless undead representatives who will be safe if you do not give them a reason to attack you. If they become hostile, you still will not be difficult to deal with them. You can not talk to a zombie. Nevertheless, be sure to study them, as some of them will have useful subjects.
  • Skeletons. These creatures are also harmless if they are not provoked. There is no reason to communicate with them, but you can learn through dialogue.
  • Giant skeletons. You will meet these creatures on the first floor. While you do not touch them, they are completely safe. However, if you awaken a giant skeleton, then it can become quite a dangerous opponent.
  • Dustmen. The usual scavengers (women and men) with whom you meet on the second and third floors are pretty suspicious. You have to be careful. After talking with Dhall on the second floor, if you have 13 dexterity, you can break the neck of the guards before they can raise the alarm.

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