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Walkthrough Pollen

Full Walkthrough P · O · L·L · E · N

You can play with the keyboard, the mouse, and use the gamepad.

Answer the questions that you program sets. Point the mouse cursor on the A or B button, pointing to the first or second answer, and then click the left mouse button. After answering all the questions, you can look around. Press the key Z to increase views. Soon you will pick up the post of engineer-technologist in the "M" station located on Titan, Saturn's moon. Confirm the signing of the agreement by clicking on the button B. In spite of your answers, the contract will be the same.

On approaching the station

You are in your shuttle. Read and listen to your job, and then wait for the download.

Base Station "M" connection

Kraken Mare, Titan, February 2, 1995.

Move forward and enter the small building - a communication station. Turn on the flashlight by pressing the key F. Just go around the corner to the right and pull the double red switch to reconnect. Listen to the message from the base of the inhabitants, as well as - from the staff. Your new goal: to lower the weather station telescope and get on base.

Many items can select by clicking on them left mouse button. If they do not bear any information, in which case they can be used as propellant "weapons." Drop items by clicking the left mouse button or by pressing the button E. Examine the photo. Rotate objects. Hold down the right mouse button, pick up an object and then move the mouse. To read any inscriptions, tighten key Q.

Go outside and go left to the edge of a cliff. Here locate the green button. Click on it and wait for the arrival of the elevator. Get on the lift and press the other green button. After you go down, go up the stairs to the left and see a telescope weather station. There is a valve. Turn it counter-clockwise until the tip disappears. The telescope will be assembled to the knob on the top.

Go down and go through the metal bridge. Use the SHIFT, to accelerate and SPACE key - to jump. Soon, your helmet will start to crack. Get to some panels which block the way. The left side is a control panel. Pull the lever to lower the bar. Go through the door and turn the knob to the right bottom. Go inside and in front of the next door, just to the left as you face, pull the other lever on the control panel.

Inside the base

What happened here? Go forward and to the right. Helmet is jumping on the floor? Close is jumpsuit, which is an access card. Pick it. It refers to the girl-physics with level of access A2. Press the TAB key, you can always open your inventory. Now there is only this access card. The door is closed ahead. Pick helmet by clicking the left mouse button. Prompt appears, according to which you have to click the right mouse button. Click and hold the right mouse button then rotate the helmet so as to look at his glass, cover your face. You will begin to envelop the strange energy of a crack in this glass. Wait until the move ... in time?

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