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Walkthrough Prey 2017

Walkthrough Prey 2017

The First Day at Work

Morgan wakes up in apartment and takes a call from her brother Alex. Wear a suit and go at the testing ground. Dr. Stephen Bellamy will ask you to take tests. First click on the red button and manually throw three cubes from the red zone. Next, click on the button and hide behind the chair, or do whatever you want. Click on the red button, jump over the barrier and click on the blue one.

In the next room, take tests on the monitor, answer the way you want. Examine the black spots and watch the cutscene with an attack of facial expressions. After that, Morgan will wake up again in his room.


When you wake up, go out into the corridor and pick up the wrench from the corpse of Patricia Varma. You will be called by January and will tell you what to do next. The first mission is to leave the apartment. Use the key to break the balcony door (glass) and break the illusion. Go to the test object and use the exit door. Follow the marker to leave the lobby. Morgan will see how the scientist will be attacked by typhoons. They multiply into several parts after eating it. There is a first aid kit to the left. You will have to fight with a few enemies in the next room.

Everything is about to Change

You will find yourself in another laboratory, where you will see a phantom near the dead body and gun with ammunition. Use it to slow down aliens, and then finish off with other weapons (for example, a wrench). You can use the health station (HP) increase device in the security zone.

Get to the main hall:

Now go to the main hall. The door is to the right of the place where you found the neuromode - white with green lights. When you go into the hall, then you find a shotgun on the dead body.

Office with View

Follow the markers to get to the office, and examine the video file that January sent to you on the computer. You need to move carefully. The office is locked, but January will tell you what access code is to it. You will receive a pistol with a silencer near the workstation. The video shows a hologram of Morgan J. You will learn about the lost memory and current testing. In the same room you will find a fabricator that allows you to create new items by combining these or other materials. You'll have to find drawings, and also collect materials - you'll either find them on the location, or you'll get by utilization rubbish (look for the utilizers).

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