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  1. Аватар Julie:

    I dont understand how to report sarah/vera??

    1. Yes, you need to phone the Ministry. You get 2000$ for the report.

  2. Call to Ministry (Department) and ask about Vera (Sarah).

  3. Аватар Genni:

    I think there is a mission after you had given Patrick Stein 15000$ for his school, he would ask you for another 20000$ to migrate abroad along with his girlfriend’s family

  4. Аватар Pabbk:

    If you don’t give the gun to Dora in the quest «fear and hate» she will leave yes, but in the newspaper will write about a women murdered by her husbend (of course Dora) and if you give she the gun she will sent you a message from the prison saying she is good there.

  5. Аватар UK-player:

    To get the gun from Mark, as you asked, you have to help him find his glasses earlier in the game. He can’t find his glasses and that quest begins — It becomes available quite early in the game. It turns out Martha saw Patric hide the glasses, so you need to ask Martha first, the quiz Patric. You give the glasses back to Mark, but own up and be honest and he’ll give you a monetary reward. More importantly, he’ll be your friend and talk about his gun when you need it much later. After he talks about it, search his apartment and it will be there.

  6. Аватар Titansniper1:

    There are several spelling and grammar issues with this guide. Also since it is a walkthrough, in the beginning it should be stated that buying apples from the merchant with the top hat is the fastest way to frame tenants and get them arrested or evicted.

    1. Аватар Titansniper1:

      Edit: When apples are purchased, use them to frame tenants to get them in trouble.

  7. Аватар Galatea:

    In Fear and hate, you can also steal a gun from Airel Johnson’s apartment.

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