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Walkthrough PROSPEKT

Chapter 1. Prospekt Reunion

As soon as you will pass control, move forward through the corridors of the prison "Nova Prospekt". In the end, you will find yourself in the hallway with the robot at the ceiling. Go to the grid, the robot will notice you and raise the alarm. The grille is closed. Go back a little, to the nearest console (in the same corridor). There is a red button on the panel. Click on this button. You turn around and see that the grill is now open. But if you will go to it, the robot will raise the alarm again. Note that the robot has two wires. One wire goes to the console, and the other - to the wall socket.

There are rocks on the floor near the destroyed wall. Press E, to pick up a stone. Turn in the direction of the socket and plug. Aim and click the left mouse button to throw a stone. If you will go, the plug collapses and the wire will be disconnected. Now the robot will not work. If suddenly grill is closed, open it by pressing the button on the remote. Go on up to the room with sparkling wires, as in the screenshot below.


You can see the blue barrier in front of you. Notice which way the wire away from the barrier. You have to get over the fence. To do this, get in the door room. Open the door and find yourself in the next room. There are a wooden square boxes against the wall on the right. You can pick up a box of three. By the way, there is one more door but it was locked.

In turn take these boxes to the very left of the barrier fence. Near the fence put two boxes on top of each other. The third box put around them. Now go up first on one box, then - the other two, which stand each other. With these boxes you can jump already at the top of the fence. Go down to the left you can see the door, which blocked a chair and a small box. Can they be discarded. You'll have to throw them to go back. But it is too early. Climb the steps, click on the red button on the remote. Barrier is disabled. Go down; go through the door in a familiar room.

Follow the corridor further, because there is now a barrier. The next obstacle is the same barrier, but with electricity. The barrier appears and disappears. You have to pick a time to run forward. When will find yourself in a long room with washbasins, and then go ahead. Ahead will be a closed grill. Around this grid, just to the left is a door. You can open it, but you will see steam corridor. You can’t go. Return to the room with a wash basin and turn right. There is a door from the grid. Open it and go through a normal door.

You will find yourself in the boiler room. There is a projection on the right. There are wooden boxes under the projection. Get down on the CTRL key and pull out one of the drawers. Jump to the ledge with these boxes. Go to the pipe in the far corner of the room and turn the valve. Return to the hallway and see that the steam is no more. Move on and you will see the following picture:


Move closer and move away from a red laser. Monster will come to it and explode. Follow ahead through the door and find yourself in a large room with a bunch of lasers. Get down to get right under the laser. Move along the wall where the left will trigger. Crouch and go down. Go up the stairs, turn right and right again. You have to drop down between the right and middle of the laser beam. Then get down and get in close on. In general, the room with the lasers you will pass without any problems.

Move to a new room. On the table on the left locate the scrap. Pick up crowbar break with the help of the lock on the grid on the right. Inspect both the desktop - get the first aid kit, armor and a gun with ammunition. Break all objects in the wall (wooden box) and see the bars. Get down and hit a few times on the grid, and to break it.

Chapter 2. Universal Collision

Make your way to the end of the ventilation and break one more bars. Go down. Go forward and kill the two enemies. There is the remote on the left. Click on the red button. The energy barrier will disappear, but that is not enough. Open the double doors on the other side. Go down the stairs. At the top of the ceiling will be a few enemies. Shoot them to kill. Downstairs, open the double doors. Go forward, go over the fence and go along the canal on the right side. Be careful, because there are a lot of enemies on the ceiling.

In the new room you will see a barrier in front of the aisle. As soon as you enter the room, then look at the wall to the left. Below is grill. Crouch, destroy it and move through the vent, kill small vermin. In the end, you find yourself behind a barrier thereby. Go to the control panel and click on the red button. In the room on the floor are gun and a shotgun. Pick them. Furthermore, there are three levers the wall on the left of the console with the red button. One of them is omitted - medium. Raise it to the electricity came back in the building. After this Monsters come - kill them all to the last and go back to the beginning of the second chapter.

Next to the control panel, with which you cut off the barrier, the door is now open. Enter the elevator and press the yellow button. Just get ready for a battle with the soldiers. As soon as the door opens, three enemies will attack you. The fourth enemy is at the very end of the room, behind a machine gun. Kill all, look around the room and pick up from the floor one more weapon. Exit through the door on the left, go through a few more doors until you find yourself on the street.


Go ahead, go through the door and kill the monster first, and then - the soldiers. Turn off the energy field by pressing the red button on the right. Go on until you reach a large location with burning equipment and the pit in the center. After killing all the soldiers go to the right and climb the stairs to a small room with a remote control. Collect all. Press the red button to turn off the huge contraption on the opposite wall.

The monsters will go on location. You can not kill them all in a row, as they will appear again and again. Select a location in the center, go to the grid on the opposite wall and find the entrance in the middle. Once inside, move along the wall to the right. In the corner you will see a few fans (air-conditioning). Jump to these conditioned higher and higher. Break the grate on the wall. To jump to the air conditioner directly under this grid, you need to move a little bit, run and jump. Crouch and go through the vent. Move forward and climb up the ladder on the wall. Follow through another ventilation grille.

Move down the hall, kill enemies. Go through the door at the end, cross the room and another hallway. You will need to kill a few enemies. When you open the door and see the two soldiers to the turret, then first try to destroy the soldiers. You can throw a grenade. If no grenades, then shoot them. Run in the room, if the turret is still in place, and proceed along the right wall. In the far right corner of the turret will not notice you. Jump over the obstacle and go to the control panel. Click on the button.

Ahead will be one more group of opponents. A soldier in a white suit opens the door soon. Kill everyone and go through the door to listen to the next recollection Shepard. When everything starts to crumble around, go down and run around in the glowing portal in the center of the area. Look at the cut-scene.

Chapter 3. Combine Power CO

So, after the appearance of the enemy base you kill all the enemies in the room. You'll hear the enemy's voice outside the room. Soon they will begin to open the door. You should quickly climb the stairs in the lower right corner of the top screen. Go through the control room and the bridge get on the wall. There is the ventilation grille on the other side of the card. Do you see it? You can get there by one of the two metal beams. You will need to jump over the bridge railing. Crouch and scrap and other weapons break the bars. Climb through the vent.

Go up the stairs. Do the same with the other stairs. It will be a fork: the left is a door with a red contraption, right - the usual door. Go through the door on the right, break the box and kill the zombies. Collect all the unnecessary items. Go to another locked door. The right side wall has a vent. It is not near the floor, so go back to the previous room and take the barrel. Put a barrel under the ventilation grille. Break the grate, jump on the barrel and get down. Go through regular ventilation.

Drop down and kill the beetles. Go through the door, you will soon find yourself in a corridor with a fenced area where levels of radiation is high. There are barrels with properly labeled. There are several wooden boxes a little further to the right. Behind them are the gates. But this is not enough to get under them. Go through the door nearby and get into the next room:


From this point you will need to overcome a few rooms, kill opponents. There will be new enemies - small flying drones. They should be killed as soon as possible, until they are close to Shepard. Apply damage drones can only melee attack.

Once in a great room, first destroy all enemies. Then find the location on the device, resembling Hadron Collider. "Swimming pool" Next will be more. Here stand with his back to the unit and go from here to the upper left corner. There is console upstairs. There will probably be the last soldier. After you kill him, click on the only green button.

Exit the control room and walk in the opposite direction. And then it will be the first, and then - the second and third robots. Robots will shoot at you with ice bombs. Bomb first stick to you or other objects, and themselves detonate and explode after a few seconds. So be careful. Try to aim and shoot at the robots of the shelters. In locations scattered a lot of equipment - you can use them.

After you kill all opponents, go over the bridge in the control room, located in the opposite corner from the previous premises. Go through the door, carefully add the ammunition.

Again, go through several rooms, the last of which, you kill enemies, you will need to press the green button. Follow the new room, go down the hall. Replenish armor and health by means of the devices on the right and the left wall. Click the green button and go forward. After disinfection procedures and the next boot will start a new chapter.

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