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Walkthrough Quantum Break

Act 1

An experiment at the University of River Pointe

Quantum Break brief begins with prologue. Protagonist of the game is on the campus called River point. Go to the huge building located in front of you. In total, you can find 16 secrets!

At the point where you start the game, you need look to the left. Find the first secret on the campus map. The second secret is on the poster on the table. You can get to the table with the help of a ladder. Two other secret you can find on two posters on the right side. Do you see a structure similar to the carousel? There you can find a record. There is another note on the board near a girl who wanted to talk with you. You find the video inside the tent.

After all this, go to the building. Beside it are two other boards. You can find collectibles items on the left side of the entrance. You will meet Paul inside the building. Move behind him, go upstairs, and use the lift. But before you enter into it, check the laptop in the waiting room and board behind the elevator to collect information.

Walk up to the closed door, that Paul should be open to you. Go to the projector and use the seat in front of him to find the game a secret and unlock Marketing Spiel.

Follow into the lab and help Paul with his experiment. Pull the lever on the console, which is located in the corner of the room, move behind Paul. Turn the specified key, and then activate on the computer task. In the first laboratory room has two collectibles - read the message, which came on the laptop, and then check the picture on a shelf near the door. Two other secret is in front of the machine. Note on the table on the right side. As for the second, it is necessary to examine the board that is located in front of the car. However, no complicated puzzles and riddles prologue you do not offer.

Escape from campus

You need to escape from campus. They will show you how to shoot. In the server room you need find the information on the computer. In the next room you expect a skirmish with the enemy. It starts as soon as you open the door. Kill you cannot, therefore, relax, grab SMG gun and shoot opponents.

Nearby there is a white board on which is written the equation. Use it to unlock a bonus scene at the end of this episode. Near the elevator kill the enemies and go down to the first floor. Prior to this, it is desirable to pick up a collector's item from the couch. Stop time, move to another part of the academic building. Go down the elevator and take note, positioned on a table in the corner of the room.

Next you need to find the car of William. They will tell you about the temporary vision. This skill allows you to find a variety of useful items around you. With its help it is possible to notice the enemies and find the secrets of the game. When you reach the car, located at the end of the parking lot, move to the right side. Go straight and you will see a white sedan.

Use skill Time Vision, to create an event. When it becomes available, you'll see a blinking icon. Agents will attack you from different directions. To find them, use the "temporary vision."

Somewhere in this episode, you can take advantage of the stop time. Aim at the enemy and immobilize it (or shoot). If you decide to shoot, the bullet hit the target only after you run the time. After completing the battle and killing all the enemies, go back into the building. You meet with Beth, talk to her to complete the second episode of the first act.


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