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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Quern Undying Thoughts

Walkthrough Quern Undying Thoughts

There is a note on a wooden table. Read it. Thereafter collect stone member (left of the envelope) on the same table. Go to the close door, and then try to insert item. It will not work.

Open your inventory by pressing the button Q. Turn the stone in the shape of a quarter circle. On the back side you will see three pintles in the shape of triangles. You can rotate them by clicking the left mouse button. Note that the door has three openings. Depending on the location of the hole, turn the triangles on the back of the stone, and then apply it to open the door.



Go to the first location. You can look here. All the buildings are closed. There is a building with a metal grille to the right side of the pass. There is a circle with several sections in the center of the grille. In the circle there is an arrow with a cursor. You can move the cursor to choose what kind of ring that circle will move. You need to click on the center of the circle (where is the arrow) to rotate the selected ring.

But, you do not have the right combination. Climb the stairs nearby and walk past the house to the next location. Pull the lever to lower the first half of the bridge. You find the second letter on the table to the right side. In the letter, you will see a picture with the same circle as the previous door.


Unfortunately, there are only three rings, while on the door the circle consists of five rings. Nearby there is as mechanism similar as in the well. You can turn the knob to lower the hook with a rope, and then pick it up. But you will not catch anything. To the left of the mechanism is a table with a small chest. But you can’t open it.

Return to metal grating with the terms of the rings. You need to place three rings as shown in the letter (press on L to open the section with the collected letters). The last two (the biggest) will need to look through the selection. You need to place the largest ring in a certain position. After that you need to turn the smaller ring. Next, move the big ring by one position clockwise, then rotate back around the circle ring one size smaller. So, repeat until you open the door. quern-2016-11-29-01-26-11-79

Go inside the opened house and look at the large trunk. Inside you will find a two-way lever handle.


Exit and go to the opposite side. Climb uphill and turn right to the house. Entrance to the house is closed rectangular wooden plate. Also there is some device to the right. Examine it and get round the side of the hole for the handle. Just interact with them, to set the handle in its place.


Next, pay attention to the rectangular gizmo. Inside it there is stone and a metal block. You need to make sure that the metal horizontal block is in the bottom left corner. There is a hole through which the unit can be moved into the mechanism. So, the same wooden stove is fallen.


You have to turn blocks by the handle to a horizontal position and solve the puzzle.


It is hard to describe, so for you we make a short video. See below!

Go inside the new building.


There is a circular bench with a blue crystal in the center. Find notes and a letter.


Now you can the notepad to sketch interested tips. Click on the button P to make a sketch for a notebook. Open the notebook by pressing N and see exactly the same image.

There is a book on a table. Read it. Find a list with some tips on the long left cabinet. There are a certain amount of sticks - from one to five in contrast to five characters.



Turn around and you need to stand by face to the entrance. There is a lever to the right of the entrance. Lower it. Thus, you will open two metal grates (door) at the central location. Now you can go to it. There is a table with square tiles with different symbols (to the left of the doorway). Remember this place.


Get out of the house and you need to find the table with the dishes (diagonally to the right). Take a plate with shells.


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