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Walkthrough quest The House of Da Vinci

Detailed walkthrough the quest The House of Da Vinci

Florence, 1506 year

Click twice on the guard, then click on the scroll, and then select it in the inventory - the left side of the screen. Drag the red ribbon to the right, hold the LMB, and unfold the scroll in the same way. After you read the letter, close it to the "cross" in the upper right corner of the screen. Remove the approach by clicking on the PCM.

Double-click on the door on the left, and then look at the bell on the right - the item looks like a bell. Turn its upper part to align the cutouts. Lower the camera down to view the bottom of the bell, and then turn it clockwise (or counterclockwise) for a very long time. The bolt must be unscrewed from the top, after which you will have to pull the chain to the left - a small metal object will drop out of the bell.

Small metal object

Next, examine the mailbox located to the right of the door (below the bell). There is a small stand on its top. Move it aside and take away some of the key. Click on the metal object found earlier, and then drag on it a part of the key. Turn it, as the prompt shows, to get a full key.

Examine the mailbox, move the protective panel at the top and drag the key to the keyhole. Turn the key, look into the box and take away the invention of Leonardo - Okuli Infinitum.

The hidden mechanism


A complete key

The lens will appear on the right side of the screen. Pull it up to see the lock device. Turn the three valves so that the recesses coincide with the central element. The doors will open. See the cutscene, and then go inside.  

Teacher's Library

Study the scroll lying on the stand in the center. Remove from it the seal that will be in the inventory, and read the message of Leonardo. Now you need to look around to find the entrance to the secret workshop of Da Vinci. Exit the approach and look to the left to see a stone bust.

Examine the stand on this bust, move the valve to the center and see a round hole with three grooves. Click on the print to open it in the inventory, rotate the center and combine the two "arrows" to create a three-pointed print. Insert it into the same hole and turn until the eyes on the bust open.

Click on both eyes to open the back of the bust, and then slide it by hand. You will see another puzzle. All you need to do is turn the central part, drag small plates with colored crystals into it, and then move them to those holes where there are two smaller stones of the same color. See the screenshot below.

Solving the puzzle

And in doing so, you will open a secret niche (pulling the handle). Take away the glove that will be used throughout the game.

Examine internal part of helmet (bust) and see the gold plate. Apply the lens on the right side of the screen to see the gears. Lower both gears and turn them to open the secret cell. Get a wooden pattern in the form of a flower from it. Take out the curved wire - the master key from the same compartment. Look at the box under the bust and apply the lens to find a blue cross in the bottom of the box.

Interact with it, open the secret compartment and insert the picklock. Turn it to open the drawer and get out part of the flower. Set this part of the flower in the lower left corner of the bust, where the broken flower is. Combine all three parts to make a one-piece flower.

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