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Walkthrough quest The House of Da Vinci

Turn the wooden barrel and take the part. Open the flower in the inventory and drag the spiral onto it. Twist it to get the right rose.

nsert this rose into the round hole on the wooden pole in the center of the room, where there is a stand with a scroll. Move the rose upward, choose a route that will allow you to get to the hole at the very top and go to the next area. There, you can do everything the same, but already move some cells horizontally.

In the third area, you can not move cells, but you will be able to rotate round parts. Finally, in the last area it will be necessary to do everything the same as in the previous ones, but use absolutely all the possibilities. Some cells will have to move several times. Take the key and apply it to the well at the top of the box under the bust.

Pull out a precious object from there; pull it up in the inventory so that additional corners will appear at the bottom. Insert the object into the top of the lowered column - the flashlight. Turn and open the secret compartment. Rotate the yellow crystals so that they are pointed at the blue ones. The last yellow crystal should be pointed at the round glass. The puzzle should automatically close.

The light will point to the bookshelves. Examine them and take the book in a precious cover. Turn it so that you see the side. The binding consists of three parts - turn right and left by 90 degrees, then lower the central one. Click on the square button and read the note left. Exit one time from the approach by clicking on the PCM, and then take the item to the left. This is "Okuli Tempus", another invention of Leonardo.

Spots in the corner of the room

Pull the lens down and activate the device. Look at the spots on the floor on the left; examine them by clicking on the LMB twice. Circle the triangle, and then rewind the time back and forth to see where Leonardo pressed it. Approach this shelf and click on it to go to Teacher's workshop.

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