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Walkthrough Red Comrades Save the Galaxy: Reloaded

Walkthrough Red Comrades save the Galaxy Reloaded

Chapter 1

House of Pete

After an introductory video and cut-scenes with conversation Vasily Ivanovich, Pete and Anka you are in the house. It is necessary to disguise Anka. Click on the aquarium, drink water and take away from the floor the fallen key. Remove from the clock on the wall left of the cuckoo. Open the cabinet on the far right and pull out the rubber mattress. Leave the room and go to the room with the stove. With the previously found key unlock the trunk and pull out the instructions. Play for Vasily, pick up a horseshoe above the door. Now leave the house.


We follow the apiary and communicate with Kuzmich.

House of Anka

Come now Anka’s house and talk to her about everything. Take the fur, located near the stove. We find and take with them parts on the table. We unite in the inventory parts and instructions to produce a meat grinder. In inventory, combine fur and rubber mattress to get a rubber doll.


We follow the marsh and communicate with a sailor. Use a rubber doll in a tree (birch) to the raven flew away. Take the tobacco. Throw tobacco into a meat grinder and get a shag.


Go back to the apiary and return the shag to Kuzmich.


Follow the well of Furmanov where you find an ax. Rotate the handle of the well, try to pick up a bucket by Ivanovitch, and then use the ax on the rope. Successfully pick up a bucket.

House of Furmanov

Enter the house and talk to Furmanov. We take away the oars and tear off coupon from a poster.


We go to the store and talk to a drunk. We went inside the store, talk to a clerk, who will give us the "Capital". Apply the "Capital" to get a syringe. Again, we talk to the peddler to get seeds from it. Give her ticket and pick up a bottle of "Sprite".


Follow on the map the intersection and talk to the pioneer. We return to the bottle "Sprite" to obtain alcohol. The alcohol we return Kuzmich on the apiary. When Kuzmich drink alcohol, and then insert the syringe into the hive, where the bees have. You will receive a syringe with bees. Search the Kuzmich to find the code.


We go to the bath, use a syringe with bees on the keyhole to run inside the insect. We went to Anka, who asks melt furnace. We go back to the bath, use the ax on the paddles (in inventory) and get firewood. Open the door of the furnace and the throw to the wood. Ivanovitch ignite the stove.

Go back to Anka, communicate and go to the bath. Ivanovitch shut gas. Anka undresses. Ivanovitch returns, and Pete picks clothes of Anka. We go to the furnace, located between houses Anka and Pete. Ivanovitch find a wig.

Come to a standstill with a transformer, Ivanovich picks the wire and Petka activates all three switches.


We go to the dump, use horseshoe on the cuckoo (everything in your inventory). We get for this magnet. Use magnet on the wire, we go back to a standstill with the transformer and Ivanovitch takes the wire. Petka will witch all three levers. The magnet will attract to his patron, which was located on the rails.

Take the cartridge from the landfill, give the code to Ivanovich and open the safe with it. We reach from the safe key, follow the club.


Go to the club, listen to a lecture. Then we talk to the soldiers and get the gun. We shoot a gun in the ceiling lamp. Insert the cartridge into the gun (inventory), we go into the forest with an ax and chop off a rod stump. Takу a stick.

Follow to the haystack, tickle heels. You see strange couple. Take hay, we go back to the store and use the key to open the lock of the safe, located on the door of the barn. We use the hay to the cow, and then milking it by Ivanovitch. Take the skin of cows.

Go on a bed; throw the seeds to the same. We use the milk to water the sprout. It grows a palm tree. Go to any other location, then immediately return to become a big tree. Apply charged gun to a palm tree, to shoot directly into the coke. A few drops of coconuts. We select the coconut; we go to the side of the bridge and apply the wig on a paint can. Use the bush to our heroes we dressed and went to the "white".

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