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Walkthrough What Remains of Edith Finch

Walkthrough What Remains of Edith Finch

Go forward and inspect the mailbox. Move aside the barrier and follow the path until you reach the huge house. Try to open the front door with the key that Edith inherited from her mother. Nothing will come of it. Go left and go around the garage on the left side to find the door. Go through the hole for animals at the bottom of the door (covered with a white rubber curtain).

Inside, try turn on the light, and then open the door. Use two active points near the washbasin, as well as on the kitchen table with cans.

Go through the house, go upstairs and enter the room with the sharks on the wall. There is a book with a lock on the left - open it with a key.

Molly Finch

You will find yourself in the room of Molly. Examine the diary on the table on the right to start her memories. The girl woke up in the middle of the night and was hungry. She ate a hamster’s carrot, examined an empty casket in the shape of a pumpkin on the right and thought about a fish from an aquarium. Go to the bathroom and eat toothpaste, and berries from the window. Go back and go to the window on the right. Open it, you drop out and turn into a cat.

Use the Space key, jump on branches and other objects, and move behind the bird. In the end, you have to fall down and turn into an owl. Fly for the hares. Hold down the Space key to attack them.

Catch one rabbit, and then - a big hare. After that you will turn into a shark – you jump to Space until you fall into the water. Swim after the thick seal, periodically press Space to accelerate. When you eat it, you will be on the ship.

You are a monster. Crawl forward and press Space to tighten up like a snail. Follow along the port side and eat the first sailor. Climb to the top, eat the second sailor and captain at the helm.

You will find yourself on the street. Crawl into the sewer pipe and climb to the top. Hide under the girl's bed and watch the cutscene.

One Finch

Go outside through that same window and follow the visor to the left. Go through the window to the room of Eddie's great-grandmother.

Inspect the binoculars on the shelf on the left to see the memory. Scroll through the frames, press LMB and move the mouse over the table.

Kelvin Finch

Go to the bathroom in pink and look at the book on the right. Open it with a lock, and then move the hidden tips in the book in the directions indicated by the arrows. So you will discover a secret passage. Move to the left, move the chair and unhook the red rope at the door. Climb the stairs to the side of the bed and climb inside the small booth. Interact with the helmet to find the hidden note.

Read a note, you are transferred to memories. You need swing back and forth - W and S, until Kelvin finally takes off...

Barbara Finch

Go down and find a shelf with books to the left of the bed. Slide them to open the passage. Go forward. There will be a turn on the left where you can open the door and get to the second floor of the house. But you go further and go to Barbara's room. There is a bed on the right. There is a curbstone with a magazine with comics. Use it to start a comic book recall.

See the introduction, and then turn the handle on the casket and go down. Crutch the door and get to the very end, to the fridge. Rick with a mask will jump on you. Hit him.

Next, you need to go upstairs and go to Walter's room. Push the monster and make your way through the walls through the secret passage that was used at the beginning of the game in the room with the sharks. Hit the monster from behind to drop it down. Go down and look at the body. The bell rings - go to the front door and watch the ending of the story.

Walter Finch

Go back to the secret passage and go halfway to find yourself on the second floor. Go down and turn the handle on the casket so that you pull out the key. You will open the door with this key. Go down and go to the very end, to the fridge. There is a secret passage behind the door of the refrigerator - get to the hiding place and inspect the note lying on the table.

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