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Walkthrough Remothered: Tormented Fathers

Complete walkthrough Remothered: Tormented Fathers

Indy Horror Remothered: Tormented Fathers begins with the fact that the main character comes to a certain mansion for a conversation with his master. Leave the car, you turn to the path on the left side and go forward until you see the entrance to the estate on the right.

Inspect the figure, located near the gate. See a cut scene, after which you can get inside. You climb up the steps in the garden, where you turn left and go to the door, which is located at the end. But you can not get into the building. The necessary entrance is located on the opposite side of the mansion, where you can get to.

Go around the house on the left side. Knock on the wooden doors. Mr. Felton's nurse will soon meet us at the doorstep. You come to the table in the office and take out a newspaper clipping from the box. See a cut scene. After that you sneak back into the mansion again.

The main game begins from this moment. Once in the corridor of the first floor, you first need to find the source of music that comes from somewhere above. You step along the corridor forward and go up to the second floor. Then turn right and continue straight ahead until you reach the section of the corridor at the end of which the mirror will hang (it, by the way, is used as a first aid kit, and also allows to keep the current progress).

Soon, a cut scene will begin, at the end of which you will need to hide in the closet near the bed. Avoid such an undesirable meeting with the owner of the house. You get out of the closet and take the first attempt to leave the mansion (unsuccessful, of course).

So, from this moment on, you will not be wandering around the house alone, but in the company of the terrible Mr. Felton. The opponent compensates his blindness with an excellent hearing, so he is able to hear our steps (running), even from another floor. So you try to move either by step or by bending over.

Before you leave Mrs. Felton's bedroom, you should look into her bathroom. Study a sink, there is important object. Also take the key from the corridor on the first floor from the hanging bathrobe (the entrance to it is located on the right side of the stairs). However, first we need to return to the front doors of the house (through which you actually entered).

Be sure that the main entrance is blocked; you must now find another way to get out of the house. You need to see a film on the projector of Dr. Felton, located in his office on the second floor (double doors next to marble statues). In order to activate the device, you need to get two things: a film and a battery.

First you go for the film. Go into the opposite end of the corridor opposite the central entrance, where you unlock the doors with the found key (to do this, you approach the object of interaction, open inventory and select the desired object by clicking the button "Use"). You have access to the corridor of the first floor. You notice a big clock ahead. A little later you will have to return to them.

Turn left along the corridor and go into the dining room. There you find a lying chandelier behind the table, from which you take out a metal cable. After you leave back to the corridor and step on it in the same direction to the door leading to the kitchen. You notice a stove. There is film from the projector. But first you need to get hold of a pen. Fortunately, it is located in the same room, on the upper shelf near the refrigerator (see screenshot).

Also you find a plunger in this part of the kitchen on the table. Use it get an important object from the plum. So, insert the found handle into the oven and open the door. You take out the film from there, and then you return to the bathroom of Mrs. Felton. Use the plunger. You find the key to the clock, which was mentioned above. Unfortunately, in time to snatch it from the heroine will not work, so the subject will be in the drainage in the laundry (you get there, come down the main staircase).

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