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Walkthrough Remothered: Tormented Fathers

First of all you try to raise a heavy grating with our own hands. Connect the grate and forklift with the metal cable. After that, you go up to the second floor to Mrs. Felton's bedroom. Near the entrance to the room you notice a forklift connected to what is located in the laundry. a sudden lights go out in the entire house. Therefore, take the key, and now you need to return the power supply to the building. You will find the generator on the first floor near the front doors of the house.

Now you go to the above mentioned hours. Insert the key into the dial and take out the battery from the bottom panel for the projector. Then will be QTE. So, you have all the necessary items on our hands. Go into Mr. Felton's office, where you study the recording on the projector. As a result of some subsequent events, the heroine will not be in the most enviable position.

You need to alternately press LMB and RMB until the heroine is free. Go to the doors leading back to the corridor. You will see a new scourge. At this point, it is necessary to escape and hide from her. After you successfully escape from the enemy, in the corridor, you will soon meet a girl in a nightie, which, of course, will run away from you.

In the end, the stranger will hide in the loft, where you will get to. Well, first of all you go into the bedroom of Mrs. Felton and find out that her body suddenly disappeared. See the photo lying on the bed, then you come to the cabinet, which will be indicated by the camera, where you select an umbrella from the floor, then you return to the entrance to the loft. You lower the ladder with an umbrella and climb up.

Upstairs you will see creepy mannequins; you reach the table with candles. After a small cut scene, you again meet with the girl, but this time you will run away. As a result, you will be in a certain living room, where new-found acquaintance is watching TV. She will direct you to fireplace. It is located on the left side of the second floor of the estate.


First of all, you need to steal the batteries from the remote from the TV. You need to do this at a time when the girl in the nightie will go to hammer the TV. Steal the batteries, and then you go to the basement. Start the ladder. Climbing it, you'll get some oil. Well, now you go to the suspicious fireplace.


There is the whole area of the mansion behind the fireplace. Go a little forward and you will see a statue in the middle of the corridor. There is a cart to the left of it that blocks the section of the wall. Use the found oil, move the cart, and after that you tilt the statue on the wall. So we'll get to the baby room. After you check the bathroom, in the room suddenly there will be a strange sound from the left drawer of the table.


Open a secret compartment there, you will find a recorder on which you listen to the recording. Soon you will see a ghost of Mrs. Felton, surrounded by sinister moths. You need to break down all mirrors in the room to get out of the trap. Try not to aim the camera at the enemy. The location of the mirrors is shown in the screenshots below.


After all the mirrors in the room will be shattered, you come to the closet, after which you find another secret passage.

As a result, you will be in the reservoir to the waist in the water. The task: to return back to the main part of the house. Avoid the attacks of the Scarlet Nun, use one of the two buttons. In the end, you will get into the wine cellar, where you have to play hide and seek with a girl in a nightie. She is holding a clawhammer. You need to find three valves in a labyrinth. Seal off them. So you can get to the right door (one of the valves is next to it).

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