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Walkthrough Remothered: Tormented Fathers

It is especially important that you not to see the enemy. But if the enemy will see you, you can throw the bottles of wine at her, push F. Go into the right door, the chase will not stop. Next, you need to barricade the door to the room, move the rack, and then push the same from the door that lies ahead. You will soon hear a metallic clank from the fallen key. You find it near our barricade and open the door.

After a successful escape you go to the elevator on the first floor. It works.  As soon as the elevator starts to fall down, first press the buttons on the panel, and then push aside the grate to stop it. After a short cut scene you will get a new task: to get to the infirmary. It is located in the corridor of the first floor to the right of a large clock.

Get to the place, you will expect another trouble. Gloria was waiting for us in the infirmary; she gives the heroine some kind of drug. After the first cut scene, the nurse move slowly toward you.

In this situation, you need to throw the object in our hands into it. See the note that lies on the table in front, you go out into the corridor, where you again meet Gloria. This time you just need to step back, after which it will disappear again. Then you go to the main corridor of the house, where Mr. Felton will meet you.

As a result of some subsequent events, you will be chained to a chair in the dining room. You point the camera at the chandelier, which is behind you, and then alternately press LMB and RMB. Go to the elevator. At some point, you have to raise it by hand, insert the handle found in the dining room.

In the end, you finally get to the attic, which is the final location in the game. Go a little forward; you see the button, which opens the shutters on the windows. But first you will need to get to the electrical shield in order to eliminate the short circuit. So, you pass to the end of the corridor and find a handle. It opens the passage to another section of the attic. However, before you will interact with it, it is first necessary to wait until the blind Gloria is as far as possible.

Pass through the door, and then a little forward, the enemy will suddenly jump out of the corridor to the right, so you need to run from it all the way in the opposite direction. The chase will soon lead us to the next little heel in the attic, where you need to quietly move the trolley blocking the gap.

In this situation, you need distract Gloria. Throw any object, and then push the cart back and go into the slot. Further, the enemy will block our way to the fuse box. Again you distract Gloria by throwing the object and you finally get to fuse box where you turn on the light in the attic. After this, you are waiting for the next chase, which will lead you back to the switch. Raise the shutters and see the final video and the. The game is completed.

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