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Walkthrough Republique Remastered Episode 1 Exordium

Start the first episode of the game and accept the incoming call. You will call the girl and ask for help. She does not know who she is, but sure they already are. Press the "Space" to stop time. Do you see in the upper left corner of the camera? Click on it (next to the image "eyes"). You switch on the camera and see that the room for the girl went to the man and woman. When a woman speaks to a girl, then repeatedly press the "Space". Now you can click on the documents of women and men to learn their names and who they are. Soon, in the lower right corner of the screen will be able to "skip" the cut-scene. If you want, and do it.


Once you submit the names of the founders, and you're familiar with some of alleys, she reappears. Click on the "Space" and switch to the camera behind her. When she sits down on his couch, then again click on the "Space". The door should be highlighted in red. Besides her to be depicted castle. Click on the lock to open the door. Listen to the words of the girl, and then click on the glowing point in the passage. She comes out of the camera. Loading.

So, if you are to click the left mouse button on the white spots on the location, the girl goes to the specified location and hiding. You have to navigate between cameras and viewing location ahead. She should not face any security guard. Press the "Space" to stop time and then move the camera.

Move to the camera at the end of the hallway and look around. If you look back in the direction from which you came, to the left is a locked door with a PIN-code. You need to find the pin. Move to the next cell down the hall, in a corner. You will see the guard in the room to be told that he has to make the girl an injection. Move the camera in the room with a security guard. Stop time studying the dossier of guard, and look at the computer on the desk. It will be based on a PIN code. He will be remembered automatically.

Go back to the camera through which you can look at the locked door. Click on it and pin will automatically be entered. Click on the open door, which immediately run girl. Move to the camera inside the store room. Look to the left and find a locked drawer. Open it with a simple click. Repeat-click to the girl pull out pepper spray.

From this room are clearly visible room with another patient. It has a video camera - move into it. Look at the newspaper on the table and the patient's file, which is located near the man in the hood. It's collectibles.

Make your way past the room with the guard when the last turn away from the aisle. Click on the door and find yourself in a new corridor. Follow past the other enemy. Along the way, collect the papers and study the posters in the stop time. Next to the office with the enemy. On the right side you will see immediately the open door. Go through it and the wall on the left side to see the device to charge the battery. Click on it in real time.

The battery of your device management of the complex will be fully restored. Now, in the mode of a stopped time, pay attention to the computer's right side. They will still be orange icon with a skull. Click on it. You will be taken to the section of the merchant information.

All you have collected papers and files information can be sold to merchant information. In exchange, it will allow you to buy new abilities for your device. It is recommended to sell the information collected and $ 200 to buy the ability to listen to voice messages. Then listen to the message in the next office. Upon return to the room with the first guard. Inside it is a camera. With this camera, you can listen to a voice message on the device on the wall. If you collect all the information and sell it to the merchant again, then you should collect more $ 400. For the money you can buy him ability of reading electronic messages. Then get on the computers in the next office several reports - at least four pieces.

Out here the only one. Through the office where the guard walks. There is a side door. Make your way down the hallway, the guard does not see you (not through computer tables, and along the wall). Next, go through one, and then the second door. Loading.


In the gallery, simply follow the girl. You can examine the dossiers of two ghosts, and read the letter on a stand, on which one of them is based. Wait until both the Phantom leave. Try to get through the door, which they followed. Try it crack in the pause mode, but nothing happens. At the castle there is the figure "1". This means that you need a version of the OMNI-tools 1.0. You will hear a call - and please talk to Cooper. He explained the plan further action.

Go through the door, which is located on the right side, if you stand back to the locked door to the library. Loading.


Follow the corridor. Wait until the guard will depart from the reception, and go to him and left. Go through the only open door. Inspect all around, to find collectibles. Go through the door, continue to move along a single path. When you view any room in the pause mode, then pay attention to the small isolated objects. For example, books are often allocated. If you bring them girl, she will take the book. Books - a collectable items. They do not sell, but additional achievement and for the collection of information can be obtained.

Go through the next door. Stop time and walk around the cameras. For sure I will turn to stand guard. Move on to the cells and see the table and the turnstile. Do you see red rays? If they do not stop, then the passage rise alarm. You can switch to the camera on these rays and look at them. There should be an icon "off". If you use it, you hack the system and disconnect the turnstile. So did they. Then, follow the girl for a security guard. Pay attention to the painted figure. If the figure is white, the girl moves risky. If the figure is green, the girl moves discreetly at the end of this route will hide.

Make your way past the guard through the turnstile. After the turning is a small restaurant with tables. When the enemy goes, then move along the wall. Go to the table of the bar and open the door. Do you see the door to the left? Go through it and find yourself in a room with the merchant information, and battery charger. Take advantage of the fact the fact.

Go back a little and go up the stairs to the kitchen. When the guard will go into the back room, then go to the middle of the kitchen. Be careful, because there is another enemy. You can slip past him to the right or to the left (then have to crawl through a vent). Go through the door and find yourself in the lobby. Then the wooden steps go into the dining room for the staff.

Staff Dining Room

Mireille locked the girl in the dining room. We must find a way out. Look at the evidence over the fireplace. Further, when a girl asks you for help, you will be able to click on the pictures on the walls. In total there are six paintings. Click on the active point above the fireplace, and there will be a picture of the Supreme Ruler. All the active points are only visible in the stop time. Then you have to turn all the pictures so that depicted people looked at them face to the Supreme Ruler.

This opens a passage in the fireplace. Follow through the girl. Select the next room, where a computer dealer information. Go through the only open door. In this room, you can upgrade your version of the OMNI-tool. So do it by clicking on the pyramid mode of stopped time.

Then return the same way to the gallery. On the way, you can open the doors and drawers with lock level "1". But now they will not write "1". In the gallery, open the door to the library and go through it, girl.

On the way to the library

Go forward and through the open door with the number "2" on the left. But there are just three guards. But can read the information. Go along this road will come. Answer on the call Cooper. Open the door and find yourself in front of a familiar environment. You need to go through a security guard in the background. If you have a shocker, you can approach it. The girl herself smitten shock. If not, then the guard will go deep into, hide in the locker side on his way. When it is suitable to the foreground of the screen, then the exit from the locker and walk into the screen. Go through the door on the right.

You need to go deeper into the corridor. There will be an open door on the right, locked the door with the number "5" on the left. More will continue to be a door that you can open. Behind her is a utility room with storage compartment, inside which is a new battery. Fold down the hallway to the right and break the door using your fingerprint. Go through this door.

Go down the corridor between the boxes and in the end find a vent. Answer the call Cooper. Interact with a small flap on the wall, to turn off the electricity. Find a nearby screwdriver and choose back the same way. Go into the room that used to have many enemies. At this time no one is. Watch the cut-scene. Look at the questioning the girl, who will conduct Mireille. Passage of the first episode Republique Remastered is completed.

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