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Walkthrough Republique Remastered Episode 2 Metamorphosis

Check out the events of the previous episode. You are locked in the interrogation room with Mireille. Switch to the camcorder. Examine the evidence. Be sure to check your camcorder on the stand that serves for interrogation. You will learn from the PIN-code. Use it to open the door. Leave the girl out into the corridor.

In the main hall there are two passes. The door through which you led - leads back to that part of the complex, where you have been. In the story, there's nothing there, but if you do not open any boxes or not collected all the collectibles you can walk again.

And the story you have to climb the stairs and go through the door. You will find yourself in the library. Hope says that the librarian's office is on the third floor. You need it there!

Switch to the camera. Look around and pick up useful information. Nearby there is a step up. Go up there, then go after the guard. The guard stops at the shelves of books. You have to get past him and hide on the other side. We need to get behind him, because then he will return back. Click once to Hope in any case not to run. Look at the door to the office of librarian (if you press the menu stop time, then there will be an icon "Maintenance" - use it to highlight the next target). The door is closed. For the opening of its second version of the tool is required. You'll have to update it. The road to the update server is through the museum.

Continue on the balcony of the second floor, along the perimeter of the room. Collect the book on the table, pick up another one at the end of the balcony. Around the middle of the distance between these two books will open the door. Go through it. You find yourself in a hall with a staircase leading down. One guard at the bottom, and another - inside the hall. The door is closed near to the PIN-code. As long as you do not know it.

Go down the stairs when the way is clear. Just pay attention to the question mark in the menu stop time. Click on it. Cooper tells that here you can recover PIN-code from the librarian's office, but you need to correctly answer a few questions. Two incorrect answers and activated alarm. Do you need one? Not touch the computer alone!

Turn the camera to the right and you will see an open door. Go through it and find yourself in a recreation room with a device for charging the battery and the computer dealer information. To answer all the questions correctly, you need to walk through the museum artifacts and activate. Exhibits signed by a certain number. For example, the first question is: what color eyes the mother museum director? Exit this room and go to the right (not the stairs, in which you went down). Against the wall is a wagon. Go inside it and activate an exhibit with the number "5". You will hear it. It talks about the gray irons, which are put on the director. Their color eye color repeats director, which he inherited from his mother. It turns out, the color of the eyes of Director  mother - gray.

Next will not be described, where is the exhibit and what to listen to, but you know the correct answers to all questions. Go back to your computer. On the first question, answer "gray", the second - "Paris", the third - "none of the above." Climb back upstairs, where there was code locked door. Hack it, because now you know the PIN-code of the office of the Supreme Overseer. Go through the open door.

Climb the stairs and go through the door to the balcony of the third floor. It is necessary to open the double doors nearby. You will find yourself in a room with seven statues. Among the statues there and Supreme Warden. So, it is activated only statue of Plato. He lived before our era. When you click in the pause mode all the statues, you will see the date of birth and death. The Supreme Overseer only the date of birth. If you have not guessed, the statue must be activated in chronological order.

The real-time order the girl to press buttons under the statues. The sequence of the statues will be: Charlemagne, Yataro Iwasaki, Theodore Vail, Vladimir Lenin, Eva Peron and Treglazov. This opens a secret passage from the side. Go there and find yourself in a room with the machine to update OMNI. Update your tool to version 2.0.

Return to the room with statues, is now free to break the door to the left and go to the principal's office. Soon will he. Listen to his conversation with his subordinates. Go back across the room with seven statues on the balcony of the third floor. Just as you are here and came.

On the balcony go right and broke down the door with an access level of "2". Go down the stairs on one tier below. Change the camera, in front of which will take place from the second level of the access door. Crack open the door and exit to the balcony of the second floor. Go left to the door leading to the librarian. Crack it and go. Watch the cut-scene. Librarian dead.

Watch the video and see the conversation librarians and Derringer. You'll learn about a secret room librarian. Collect useful objects nearby, and then go down through the door. ALWAYS take away the book Count of Monte Cristo, lying near the corpse Librarian (near the door).

Then go down to the ground floor, where he started at the library level. Go to the far side, where there are a few tables. Please note that the cabinet on the opposite side will be illuminated. To him it was better to find, first determine the double doors. Do you see? That is if you look at it and move to the left, you can find the same cabinet. Interact with the cabinet in real time. Hope put the book down and opened the Chamber of Secrets. Take off the table drawing.

Exit the room and answer the call Cooper. Cooper says that you need a 3D-printer, which is in the archives. To access the archives, go up to the balcony of the second floor, where there was a door leading to the Librarian. Go to the end of the balcony and go through the familiar door. You will find yourself on the landing. On the side is a door which can be opened using the fingerprint of the Director. They have already should be, because you have been examined and the principal's office. At the top of the door has a sign that says that for her are the archives.

Go through the door. Stop time and you'll see certain color lasers. Do you see a light blue strip coming out of the console on the wall? They should not be afraid. But if you step on a laser beam of a different color, the location is blocked. You have to go back to the console on the wall and click on it to re-run the puzzle.

In pause mode, you can see the wrenches of different colors. One or another color key disables certain rays. First disconnect the green beam. Go through the place where he was. Next, disconnect the orange ray. Go left. Do you see violet laser beams? Navigate through the camera, and disable it with the purple key. Go down the stairs nearby.

Find blue wrench and activate it. Climb back up and go down the hall next to the stairs down. At the end of the corridor could be seen even two chairs. Walk into the room with a strange device. Maybe this is the printer. Walk along the wire, move the camera in the other side of a closed door. Open the door and go down the girl. Find your device and interact with it. Go back to the printer and start printing in the mode of stopped time. You have to combine all the pieces to get the whole drawings. Even if something does not work, then rotate the pieces. Soon, in the upper left corner of the screen in addition to the word "reset" command will be "solved." It will skip the puzzle.

Next you need to be with that key to return to the director's office (the room with seven statues) and go through the door, which took director and Derrindzher. Find the elevator and enter it. Watch the cut-scene. In this walkthrough of the second episode of the game Republique Remastered is completed.

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