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Walkthrough Republique Remastered Episode 3 Ones & Zeroes

After an introductory video walk through the door at the far right, you will need to unlock. You will find yourself in a room with two beds and a security guard. On the right there is a door leading to the rest room - a computer dealer and charger. Nearby there are steps leading down. You need to get there. Next, there will be two turnstile with lasers. To break them you need to switch to the far camera. From there, you will see the corresponding icons shutdown. Behind them there is a door to the fifth level of access. Next to the door is the vent, which is already open. You there! You will be taken to the terminus.

There are four doors. Near Hope door with the fourth level of access. On each side of the door, which need a key card. Finally, on the opposite side at the moment the only available door. Go through it. Look around. On the contrary there is a door leading to the rest room - charger and the computer dealer.

Follow through the next passage. Make your way past the three guards. First you need to go to the center, where is a guard with helmet. When he goes away, follow him and turn right. Hide in the office cubicle on the right. Wait and follow the guard at the wall to the right. Hide in a neighboring office cubicle. When the guard on the right will pass it, then get in close on. At the end of the hall is a door on the left and an office room with a table on the right. In the office is a vent. While not touch it. Between the Cabinet and the door at the end of the hall on a pedestal, you can find a screwdriver. Enter the room on the left, through the door (not where ventilation). There is sleeping guard, leaning on the table.

Listen, you tell a journalist. It is necessary to reach the Atlantic and Pacific centers. To do this, says the woman is not easy. But now you have the access card! Return the same way to the terminus. Go to the beginning of the door on the right.

Pacific server

Make your way across the room with opponents to the far door. You have to move behind the enemy, literally to be behind him and turn over the boxes on the right (in another room). Go down the stairs and go through the door on the right (on the other side of the enemy). Since you will be contacted again Matty. Go to the Terminus, in the pause interact with him and OMNI-update tool to version 3.0.

Globe comes forward from Terminus. Interact with it as a girl. Select at the request of Mattie the city of Shenzhen. Click on the icon Wi-Fi and find yourself in the apartment. Check all hotspots. Only about five pieces. In the initial camera you see two. Put it down on the table and see the third. Then there is the camera in front and to the left in the laptop. Both of these cameras will show you one more active point.

Then Matty offer wiz of free newspapers. So, click on the right column and select a photo. Select a gauze bandage. Click on the left and select a recording chapter, where a man's voice says that he would not talk about pneumonia. Done! Confirm the number of the newspaper.

In the same way back to the main hall to the terminus. Go to the other wing and move the server to the Atlantic.

Atlantic server

The door on the left leads to the recreation room with a charger and a computer dealer. Climb the stairs nearby. Be careful, because the area patrolled by the top two enemies at once. Turn left and head for the enemy. When you turn right, then go back and go down the stairs below. Nearby is a door leading to another room of rest. Exit if you are logged into it, and go even lower. There will be another enemy. When he leaves, follow him, but immediately take the steps right. Go up one flight of open door and see. Move back!

You will find yourself at the Terminus. Again update your OMNI-tool. At this time to 4.0. When you are a globe, then click on it to select Chattanooga and click the Wi-Fi. Collect all the evidence. Then select the right trash can thrown from the manifesto, and to the left as record those words, where David says that he spit on the beliefs and he will leave, if the director would be sick. Confirm the number and return back to the main hall Terminus.

Here, go to the door with the fourth level of access. Above it should hang a sign CONTROL. Go through it. A series of rooms with the enemy will lead you to a large hall with a terminus, but the floor above. Go into the door on the opposite side. You again find yourself in a room with an elevator. Two enemies will lead, but the post will be the new Ghost.

Mattie offer and dig up dirt on him. Go back to Terminus and go through the door on the right. First it needs to be unlocked. Next, enter the pause mode and click on the purple eyes (active icon). You will see the poor guy at the elevator room. Collect all the clues to find. Again, create a fresh article in the newspaper. Photo - shocker, audio - "I hate this woman." Confirm the release and return to the elevator.

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