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Walkthrough Republique Remastered Episode 4 GOD’s ACRE

Take the only path to the gate of the cemetery. Go to the far gate that leads to freedom. Hope tries to use the key, but Mammoth go astray her. When control returns to you, go back to the previous goal. They are now open. You will be contacted a trader of information that will tell you that you are now able to scan various objects. Click on the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen or press C. You get close to shovel. Take a picture of it by clicking the left mouse button. Listen to the conversation of the Director and two scientists about some directive 95 and mammoths.

So take a walk through the cemetery. Take a picture of three graves.  There are three doors at the cemetery. One door blue - open. The second door is red with wchain - to open it, need huge clippers. The third door - red. Next to her, a TV and a mechanism for the release, which is not working. Yes, there are still two doors with PIN-code, you can not know yet.

Look at all the doors and go through the door on the left side, which is highlighted in blue. This door is near the door with a chain. Sign into the corridor and take the room on the left. Take a picture of the object on a shelf, then go to the far end of the room with plants. In the pause mode about the shelf with a vase get huge clippers. There are flying insects near the vases. Try to take the clippers, insect attack and Hope will cry. Mammoth appears. Do not do it!

Then you have to go after him and steal the Clippers. First, go around the entire location and photograph everything you can. After you learn how to walk the Mammoth. Follow him. At the slightest stop you have to be behind him. Note that Mammoth is stopped briefly, but in the same places. When he stops, click on it to Hope crept up and took the wire cutters. It must be done quickly. But do not try to run for a mammoth, as he hears your steps.

When you have clippers, you leave the building and go to the door with a chain. Click to Hope cut the chain. Go inside. Take the GEAR from the table, just standing next to him. Merchant information will note that there is a tunnel to escape. But he was flooded with water. It is necessary to lower the water level.

Exit the room vault and run to the opposite corner where the door opening mechanism (there are still a number of TV). Open the gate by inserting the gear into place. Go to the garden.


Go forward until you see the door to the lab. It is marked in red. Look at her. Click and find out what to do next. It is necessary to deceive the Mammoth. Take a picture of the five selected places in the garden. You will have available five phrases. Walk up to a mammoth, click the camera icon in the upper left corner. Next, select a sequence of phrases: open, door laboratory, or will be done, I will tell the captain. Run the phrase in that order. Giant will open the door and crawl through a window inside the lab. You can safely walk through the door to the lab.


Note the door with PIN-code. Enter the room and take a picture in front card on the table. Note the PIN-code image map. In our case, this code was 1869. Back in the corridor and click Hope for the console to the left of the door with the PIN-code. Enter the PIN-code. Above is time, which remains to the correct input. Above there are four cells. Enter the full code.

Look at the cut-scene. Find the last locked door to the cemetery. Enter the same PIN-code and go through the maze.


Go through the maze and find the four valves that need to be rotated. The first two valves are located in the maze of bushes. To get them, you need to penetrate through the holes at the bottom of the bushes. Above these ports still have a bird. Close the two valves, and then locate the stone steps and go down below.

You will find yourself in the yard. There are other steps that lead to the other two valves. Also, there is a passage into the pumping station. Go first to the rest of the valve and rotate them. Go back to the yard and go inside the pump. Run it by using the remote control. Go back to the cemetery and look at the crypt door to which was linked chain. Climb into the tunnel, which is now drain

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