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Walkthrough Republique Remastered Episode 5

Watch the video. In the end, you will have to accept or side Sager or side Mireille. You can click on the Hope that she herself has made a choice. I did so. As a result, Sager has sent me to the archives, create weapons.

When you control the girl, then go up the stairs in the background and go through the door. Run down the hall to the right and then enter the door with the inscription "Archive". There are two enemies. Go down the stairs and hide in the next room. Get down so that the noise (run around on top). This enemy will rise up, and you will be able to run on. You need to climb up the far stairs and go through the door. You will see one of the forbidden books on the assembly line at the bottom. You can take it (collector's item).

When you enter the door, the download will begin. Activate the printer and begin creating a pistol. The barrel will be constructed easily, but the other two parts - the most problematic. You can use the drawing that gave you Sager.

So now you have to find allies of Sager. You will hear an explosion. Follow the corridor and you will see a broken-wall. Go through it.

There are three doors next to you on the left side. Door distant from you leads to the detention cell, where there is a terminal and the station to charge the battery. You need to switch to video camera on the wall opposite the entrance door to the room to open the camera. Turn the camera all the way to the left and find a reference point on the wall.

You need to go through the corridor into the middle door. Immediately hide in a locker at the doorway opposite. Previously it is better to inspect the premises through the camera to anyone was not there. When the way is clear, then get out of the locker and go through the doorway beside it. Immediately you can see the door to the room in the background where the first goal is. Talk with the enemy, which will become your friend.

Next, you need to persuade Eduardo Nueva. Get out in the hallway with three doors (where you were in the beginning) and go down the stairs. The desired goal is patrolling the corridors in body armor. When you see him then you need give up. That will lead you to a detention cell, but Hope to speak with him and will attract to their side.

Finally, leave the cameras and climb the stairs to the top. First, make sure that no one near. Cheng is in a locked room. Unlock the door and go inside. The room is next to the steps by which you come up just now.

Cheng says that there is another person who could help - Walker. There are two enemies on location. One of them - a man in a vest - is Walker. Give up to him, and then that Hope persuade him to join.

Follow down the stairs and go down the hall, where before there was a red locked door. Sager blew it. Move into a new part of the building.

Here neatly between the tables, go past the enemy in the hallway. Large door not working, therefore, go through another small door. Immediately turn into a large door on the left. Enemy patrols the corridor.You can find a screwdriver in the room on the right nearest to you. When the enemy will pass, then follow the corridor to the far side. You need to turn into an open door on the left. There is a ventilation grille; you want to open with a screwdriver.

I noticed an error. If you take a screwdriver, and then you get caught enemies, the screwdriver disappears.

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