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Walkthrough Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster


Go left to the next car, because the other door is closed. That's first opponents, kill and go through the door straight. Next we find a couple of doors, behind one will be typewriter, and for the second will be cartridges for the pistol and file. Go ahead and find the key near the corpse.

The door to the head coach opens by the card, and the door side with another key. We talk to Billy and then Edward. We kill with Cerberus, take the ammo and go back to the beginning. Open the locked door.

We talk to Billy and select the file. To open the door to the kitchen need to return power. We rise to the second floor and watch the screensaver. Run away back to the stairs from the monster. After the movie the train ride starts. Now we have to control two characters: Billy and Rebecca. Each of them is suitable for various game situations and has unique features.

Choose Rebecca and go to the window and climb onto the roof. Find the open panel, and connect the wires. Rebecca falls into the kitchen after the attack leeches. Here you can find grass, ammo and the key to the cabinet conductor. Put the key in the elevator and go down.

Billy go through the kitchen to the right and take the elevator key. Go to the car, where he died Dury, and go to the office of the conductor. On the wall is a map, and in the cabinet portfolio (to open it you need two rings). Push the button on the wall to the ladder there. On the second floor in a single pass door.

On the table, take the knife for chopping ice. In the next room we find a gun, cartridges, tape and spray. We go back and meet with the first boss - scorpion. We run up to him and only shoot in the head. Do not fall under the blows of claws. We go to the stairs and find the hook. Go to the kitchen and put a knife for chopping ice in the elevator.

Rebecca take a knife and we reveal them to the door. We go to the kitchen and combine characters. Open the hatch by hook and down the ventilation shaft. We kill Cerberus. Take the ammo canister and a gold ring.

We pass on the platform of the last car. Take a harpoon on the wall. One character we pull the lever, and the second to quickly remove it from the wall. Back in the car, where you attack the first zombie. Near the open window use a harpoon and get on the roof. From there we go down into the compartment.

We kill zombies and find the box (we examine it in inventory and get a silver ring). Now we have two rings, with their help, open the briefcase and get the blue plastic card. Pass the head coach.

After the cutscene, get in the driver's cab. You need activate the emergency brake to the train not derailed. Reserve one hero in the cockpit, and the other end of the ship to the train (better to leave Rebecca).

With the blue card run in the last car, where took the harpoon. Activate the panel and enter the code. Several options.

67: 9,9,9,9,9,5,5,5,5,2

36: 5,5,5,5,5,5,2,2,1,1

81: 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,8,1

Now enter the code Rebecca. Enjoy a movie and end up at the crash site of the train. Here you can find all the uncollected items on the train. Take a harpoon. Exit through the only door, we pass along the corridor and up the stairs.

Training center of the corporation "Umbrella"

For the stairs in the main lobby are a typewriter, cartridges and grass. Harpoon and other unnecessary items can be put is here, he will need later. Go to the second floor, pass to the left at the door.

In blue office pick up the handle, then just run away from the crows. We pass to the double doors in front of the statue.

Look around at the conference hall, we find a typewriter. Two of the three doors are locked - go out in the open. We kill zombies and go to the double doors.

In the library take the map, find the microfilm to the right on a pedestal. Remember lamp with no burning candle. Woman need go to the elevator, and Billy will send to the hole in the wall. Use the handle to raise the lift.

The room with the clock and cockroaches just run better. Then just run balcony with crows. In the room with the cells will valves that can be activated Billy. We find the ladder and go down on her bottom. Open the door to the main hall.

Switch to Billy and the room with the statue go right. Both go to the door next. On the sofa take a grenade launcher, ammunition and white statuette.

In the room with the big cage turn the handle on the wall. Rebecca went down and find the fire key. You will see the second boss. We fire a gun and dodging traffic monster.

We get down to the first floor and go right into the dining room. Found keys open the red door. In the kitchen, take dressing for a lighter and use it on the lighter. From the dining room go into the door at the top of the room.

In the hallway is a staircase in the boiler room and the door to the pantry, go to the door. In the pantry are investigated with the zombies and take a shotgun and a black statue of the closet. Go up the stairs. We pass a balcony with a zombie and go in the door. We go into the room with the elevator.

The library ignite the lamp to open the door. In the next room, go up to the shelves. There is a cache with one of the cabinets. Take a good book here. We examine it and get angel wings.

We go into the hallway and go into the red door. In the office you need to move the table one character, while others climb and turn on the light. Move the table to the head of a deer, take it with the arrow on the clock. Nearby are the cartridges and image.

Go into the room with a clockwork mechanism. Set the arrow on the dial. Set the clock at 8:15. Open the door on the first floor and the second. We go into the second. We kill the zombies and take the microfilm on the mantelpiece. We go down and go into the left door of the first floor.

Follow the hallway to the end, passing the door and go to the last. Kill zombies  in a projection and paste microfilm projector. Get the disk and tape labeled tables on the second floor. Go there.

In the conference hall insert the disc into your computer and look at the code on the screen. In inventory, we look designation tables and sets of characters from the right. If done right, it will open the big iron doors (in the main lobby, in the room with the cell and in the conference room).

Kill zombies in the hallway and go in the double doors. The room with a checkerboard pattern on the floor need to arrange the chess, the sample is on the table. If done correctly, it will open the cache, and if not, will the gas. The cache finds a book and a diary of Dr. Evil. We examine the book in inventory and get the black wing. Another door from the hallway leads to the hospital, here you can restock and find the balloon.

Go to the main hall and connect with the part of the black and white statue, put on the scales. Rise picture and will pass back and go. In the basement are the spiders, kill and go through the last door on the left.

There is file on the table in the observation room.  Go to the open hatch and help Rebecca to get in. In this room you need to deal with the supply of energy to open the door. Here are a combination of panel: up, up, down up, up.

After the video play for Billy, you need to quickly get to Rebecca. Boiler room is located behind the dining room on the ground floor. We turn the corner and go down below. We pass the monkey and go left, go in the door. See a movie about a rescue.

Now go back to the monkeys, and then go into the door, located right. Down the stairs and into the door, across the street. In a room with a waterfall take the key from the cabinet. Go back and double doors.

At the bottom of the reserve armory Billy and Rebecca goes upstairs. Open the closet and get the case. Recruit 385 and obtain spare parts for the gun. We reserve Rebecca at the lever and switch to the second hero.

We go to the camera to experiment, open shutters and go forward Billy. Then we take key from an open ventilation hatch . Immediately after that, we will have to deal with a couple of enemies.

Go to Rebecca's room with statues. To solve the puzzle you need to light the statue of a deer, wolf, horse, trot, a snake and an eagle. Go through the gate and turn into the first door. The bedroom on the mantelpiece is a metal plate, we go back and go through the door right, there is also a bedroom, you can find grass.

We go back to the main hall. Take thr key.There is the storage in the room with cells. There open the blue door. In the following passage first we go into the next room. As we go around the room observing the enemy and take the mount. We ran into the hallway. In the corridor, we go to the end and enter the door on the right.

Play the piano in the rest room, to open a secret passage. Rebecca go there, take the cartridges and battery. When the shutter closes switch to Billy and play the piano. Return to the hallway and go into the door straight.

From the hallway you can get to the two rooms. One will be the opponents of the grass, and the second (workshop) you can find the plate, clamped in a vise. We take away and go to the main hall.

From the main hall to go out. Go right and install the battery, call the elevator. Billy move the box to a pole near the main entrance. We climb on it and take a third plate.

With three plates go into the room with the big cage and out of the observatory. It would be here to move all your items, including a harpoon.

Go down the stairs and set the plate. See a movie, take a spear and go to the open door.

We pass the bridge and find ourselves at the church. Choose Rebecca to open the door and go to the building on the right. Find the button on the floor, stand on it (it will be a clicking sound). We leave here Rebecca and Billy go to church (with a harpoon and take the shotgun).

Go through the door in the cell is the typewriter. We leave in terms of preservation and begins the battle with the boss. Then, use the harpoon on the hole above the door. Go forward and down the stairs to the roof. We find the lever and supplies electricity to the elevator. We sit in the elevator with Rebecca.

Secret Laboratory Marcus

We go down the elevator to the first floor and go to the end of the corridor. give Rebecca a harpoon in the room . We use it on the hole, and Rebecca fall in the research room. Around the corner is the enemy. Behind him pick up the capsule with a leech. You can just take it and run away without fighting.

From the hallway you can go to one of the two doors, and the third will be locked. It leads to the second management platform funicular, and the third (the end) in the laboratory. Push the button on the wall to open the gate on the ground floor and go to the lab.

In the laboratory, we straightened with zombies and use the balloon. We get the red chemical and interfere with its green chemical. The resulting mixture interfere with leeches and leech get blue. In the next room and shoot zombies leech send the elevator down to the first floor.

Billy take the subject out of the elevator. In the hallway kill the enemy and go left. open the door to the blue leech. In the office we take photos and inspect the lever. In another room is a zombie and the green take it. We go back and send it to the elevator up.

For Rebecca pick leech and open the door in the same room. The morgue shoot zombies and collect the sterilizing fluid. We go to the lab and set up the solution into the hole in the wall, in front of the camera with the gas. Take key on the floor when the gas efflorescence. When the opponents come to life, quickly run from the room.

New key open the door in the hallway. In the room with the cells will be several opponents. We select the files and limb. Limb by elevator send Billy. Billy pick up the limb and paste it into a metal door. Enter the code 4863.

See a movie and activate the switch on the wall, which moves the ladder. About funicular we find another lever and go up the stairs. This also arrive at Rebecca. To get into the control cabin send one character with a harpoon down. Under the platform is a hole in the ceiling and climb into the cabin management. Open the door and set the levers.

Harpoon leave here, and it's not the right things add up to Billy. Take Rebecca powerful weapon. We get down to the funicular and watch video. Rebecca, you can escape from the enemy, up the stairs. Set the levers again. We go down and we run from the monster in the funicular. Pick up the magnum and include a cable car.

Laboratory Corporation "Umbrella"

Go up and to the right, then go to the platform. Back down in the technical room. At the end take the key. Run away from monsters upstairs. Go to the control room. Insert the key into the panel and call the freight elevator. Rebecca came down.

We run to the double doors and watch video. Pick up at the door of the key and go back. During the loading platform has a different elevator. Use the key to start it. This will bring the boss. Dodge attacks and kills him. We sit in the elevator and go to the fourth floor. 

Sewage treatment plants

Billy takes the water, try to catch up. We pass the bridge and go in the door. Go ahead and find the electricity control room. Here you can survive. Now you need to restore the electricity supply by pressing the right buttons.

After that go to the elevator and rise upward. We kill zombies and go through to the next room, and from there to the end of the corridor. From the billiard room go down the stairs and go through the room with the tanks and go down even lower. Here we find Billy.

Go back to the room with the tank. Rebecca set about control, and Billy the tank. Here it is necessary to put three boxes in a row, to get a pass. After filling the tank with water and move to other side. Rebecca also move a partition. Here, in the closet, take the valve. We go into the hallway and open the iron gate door.

We clean the boiler room and up the stairs. Take the bulb and the red chemical. Now down and chat. Go right and deal with zombies. Find the preservation, ammunition and grass. The flooded area down below and enter the door. Pass the bridge and find the control room. We pass to the elevator at the other end of the hall. Go around the corner to the left and will be the boss.

We deal with it again. Click the button and drop the ladder. Upstairs select the motherboard and put it to Rebecca. Billy reserve to wait here, and Rebecca are going to install it on purpose. Rebecca cross to the other side. In the control room dam pull lever.

We leave and get into the vault. We find the bottle and mix sulfuric acid. On the table, take the industrial water. It interferes with sulfuric acid and get the battery fluid. Door in the end leads to the drain room. But until we get down the stairs here.

We switch to Billy and go to the dam. We go down and run across the bridge. Monster jump, but you can not kill. Climb up and go in the door. One of the doors locked - go and find the second Rebecca. Helping Wei to take the empty battery.

Fend off cockroaches and mixed in inventory the empty battery with battery fluid get charged battery. We go back to the forklift.

One hero put on the box, and the second set battery and click the button. We select a plastic card and go with her to the generator, open the door. Pick up ammo and move on.

Enjoying a movie in which there is Marcus. He mutates and attacks the heroes. For the battle is well arming and during the battle are saving Rebecca. We kill and pick up the keys. We arrange the characters from the lock and open the door. We save and replenish supplies.

We go up in the elevator, and at the end of lifting degenerated forward Marcus. Slugger as we can and watch a movie in which we learn about the weakness of the monster.

Now you need to fend off the monster, while Rebecca opens the valves. From monster need to stay away and not to allow to Rebecca. In place of the stand as it does not, run off after a few shots. Enjoy the final game.

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