Прохождение Resident Evil 2 Remake
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Walkthrough Resident Evil 2 ReMake

Capcom developers and publishers decided to please gamers, and on January 11, 2019 they released an official demo for Resident Evil 2 (2019). You are given to play for 30 minutes. We will tell about all the puzzles in the demo.

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Walkthrough demo Resident Evil 2

After the introductory video, you will find yourself in the police station. Go to the table in front and pick up the ammo. There is a computer on the table to the right. Interact with it to watch the video and find out about the officer in the east wing. Turn around, go back to the entrance and open the door on the left, lower the lever.

Follow the corridor until you find a double white door on your left. Open it, you will find the switch on the wall to the right. Click to turn on the light. Search the corpse of an officer to pick up ammunition for a pistol. There is nothing more here.

Return to the corridor and look left. The way forward is blocking a metal cabinet. Go to it and get out of the way, holding the interaction key. You can turn left and enter the toilet through the door on the right. In one of the booths, there is a healing spray on the toilet cistern. Follow the corridor further. The door on the right is locked with a chain. Enter the small glazed room from where the screams are heard, then immediately lift the metal shutters. Try to save a cop; the first zombie will enter the room. Kill him, run along the corridor back (see the sign EXIT) and leave this wing.

After the cut-scene, you will find yourself in the common hall. Lieutenant Marvin Branagh helped you. Inspect the statue in the hall, under which is a pedestal with three niches for round talismans. In the demo, they all can not be found. Go up the stairs and find the statue of a lion located behind the statue on the first floor. Examine it. There is a hint to solve the puzzle in the diary of a dead cop. Select from left to right the crown, the lion and the ram. A secret compartment opens, and you get a lion talisman.

Branagh gave you a knife. Go to the lattice leading to the west wing (opposite) and cut the yellow ribbon on the shield with a knife. Lower the lever and go into the room with sofas. There are the cartridges for the pistol on one of them. Go behind the screen and open the door. Go down the hall and look at the corpse of a policeman in the corner. The door on the right is closed with a green lock. Go further to the end of the corridor, enter the room and pick up the access card from the weapon boxes from the table opposite. There are the cartridges for a pistol to the left. Find a report of the events on the table (the right wall). Go to the left of the table and take the map of the first floor of the police station from the stand.

The door is locked, but there is a window to the left of the board where the card was. Climb to it and get into the corridor. You will immediately see a zombie. Kill him; deal with the lying zombie cop in the corridor on the left. Left, there is a door leading to a room with gun lockers. There are not enough two buttons on the remote - “2” and “3”. You can open with the help of boxes №106 and 109. In the first one, there is a film, in the second - ammo for a pistol. There is a cupboard with a shotgun at the far end. Use on the card reader the previously found access card. Take a shotgun and four cartridges. Before you leave the room, you can find a note on the wooden table on the right.

You leave into the corridor and immediately open the room into the western office. There is a zombie on the table. Kill him, and then pick up the powder and instructions for its use:

  • Two units of gunpowder - pistol cartridges.
  • Gunpowder and high-quality yellow powder - shotgun cartridges.
  • Two high-quality powders - cartridges for revolvers.

There is a corpse and a safe in the room opposite. Code of safe: left x9, right x15, left x7. You can find a report on the operations on the tables in the center. At the end of the room, there is a door with a blue lock.

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