Walkthrough Resident Evil 2 Remake (Leon)
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Walkthrough Resident Evil 2 Remake (Leon)

The prologue of Leon is no different from the walkthrough for Claire. Go inside the gas station, go to the far room and kill the zombies.

Walkthrough of Resident Evil 2 Remake

There is a box with a key in the far corner. Take it, open the door in the same room and get out. After the cut-scene, run around all the opponents and get to the police station by opening the gate. There is only one way.

Police station

Enter the building, inspect the rack in front. Take the ammo (the location of objects depends on the level of complexity and the scenario - A or B), look at the computer and study the storage. You can store your items in the chests. Chests do not have limits.

Go to the front door and open the gate on the left by clicking on the button. Open the map and see where you want to go. We will not describe the side effects, but we will describe them in detail in separate guides. Get to the far room (you will need to pick up a fallen closet), open the gate to try to save the officer. Wait for zombies and kill him, run in the opposite direction. You will receive a notepad officer.

Other materials on the game Resident Evil 2 Remake

Talk to Marvin and get a combat knife. Go to the west wing, cut the ribbon to the switches with a combat knife. Get to a small office and collect useful items. Remove the map from the board of the first floor. Select through the window, kill the fat man, and then enter the first room in the left corridor (a corpse is lying next to it). Search the western office. In the small rooms, there is a safe. Turn the lock nine times to the left, fifteen to the right, and seven more times to the left. Inside, there is an inventory improvement. You can find a table with two locks in the main room. Enter NED on the left, MRG on the right. A door with a blue symbol cannot be opened.

Follow the corridor. If you find a film, enter the photo lab and show it. There is also a typewriter. Go up to the second floor. There are several lockers in the shower, and one of them has a lock. To open it, enter CAP. In one of the boxes will be a portable safe. To open it, you need to click on the buttons in a certain sequence so that in a circle lit green light bulbs (one after another). Each time the combination will be different, but the principle is one. In addition, you can start with any button (light bulb). Just memorize or write down the button-light combination.

Climb up and pick up the blue key from the table. There will also be a box. Open it - the code DCM. Search the third floor; enter the room where the boards are. Turn left and find an obstacle with explosives. Here you need a detonator. Go through the door nearby to get to the library. Scrape down, go downstairs and find a red book on one of the tables. Also inspect the jack. Go to the next room and solve the puzzle with the statue of the Unicorn (look in the officer’s notebook). You will get the first medallion. Read more about all the puzzles in the separate guide.

Need to collect two more. There is a second floor map next to the statue. Go to the hall and talk to Marvin. Climb up and find the statue of Leo. Set the desired characters and then take the second medallion.

Upstairs go to the east wing to get into the waiting room. There is a safe with improved weapons - turn six times to the left, two to the right and eleven to the left. Go out into the corridor and go left. Open the first door on the right that leads to the gallery. There is a statue here. There is a hand on the right side. Take it and combine it in inventory with a red book. Place the hand with the book on the statue to pick up the scepter. In the inventory inspect scepter and find the button. Click to get a red stone. The gallery also has an access card that allows you to open a vault with a shotgun or grenade launcher (for Claire). You can return there at any convenient time (room with a digital panel and lockers).

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