Full Walkthrough and Guide Resident Evil 3 Remake — 100 % (all secrets)
Full Walkthrough and Guide Resident Evil 3 Remake

Walkthrough Resident Evil 3 Remake

We offer you to read a detailed walkthrough of the Remake of the third part of the cult series Resident Evil. We tell how to open all doors, safes, find Mr. Charlie, unlock weapons, find improvements, and upgrade inventory and much more.

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Wake up and get out of bed, look around the room and go to the bathroom. Let Jill wash. Watch the cut scene, after which the heroine will wake up from a nightmare. Look to the side to see the light switch. Turn on the light and pick up the Jill Report from the adjoining pedestal. Look at the wall with different evidence to get notes about the investigation. There is open envelope to the left of the pedestal. You find a message from a colleague — Brad Vickers on the pizza table. Go back to the bathroom, turn on the light with the button to the right of the mirror and watch the cutscene. From this moment, the game will switch you to a third-person view.

Raccoon city

September 28, 20:07

Get out of the bathroom. You can look into the refrigerator on the right. Go to the TV and take the phone standing on the pedestal on the right. There is no way to relax, because soon the wall will be broken by the Nemesis.

When you get out of the apartment, run to the end of the corridor so that Jill runs into the next room. There is no time to search here, so run to the far room and get out through the window. Go down to the floor below and climb into the house through a similar window. This time the Nemesis will appear right in front of you through the ceiling. Get rid of him, run along the corridor to the door with the EXIT sign.

Go down the fire escape until Jill is again attacked by the Nemesis. Watch the cut scene. This time, Jill will be able to escape from the Nemesis due to the destruction of the slab of the building.

Leave the city

Go ahead and chat with Brad. Follow the partner towards the cinema. Hold down the run key and see how the dead destroy the metal fence. Brad and Jill will hide in Jack’s bar. Unfortunately, your friend will be bitten by a zombie. Run out of the bar and in the alley find a corpse with a gun. Jill will take a firearm.

No need to spend ammo and kill the dead! Instead, keep running on and crawl under the fallen neon sign. Run into the lane on the left, behind the gate. So you get to the warehouse building. Follow the fat man who will eventually hide in the container. Run to the door in the far corner. There are cartridges for the gun to the right of it on the box.

Go to the parking lot

Once out of the building, climb under the fence on the left, along the container. Approach the elevator from which the zombies will fall out. You can go around them and press the elevator button again to get inside. Go to the roof, run between the cars to the helicopter. Soon the Nemesis will appear. Start the car and ram it. Fortunately, Jill will be rescued in time by Carlos.

Meeting with Carlos

Get down; enter the train car to meet with Captain Victor. It is the same episode from the demo. Get out of the car and pick up a note on making cartridges from the bench. Climb up the stairs to find a shop with a newspaper. Keep climbing until Carlos contacts you. Upstairs, in front of metal detectors, there are boxes. There are two jars of gunpowder and two green herbs. You can break the box with the orange ribbon to get red herb. Combine it immediately with green.

There is a case with a Yellow Padlock to the left of the passage. You can’t open it yet! A little further will be a table with a typewriter that allows you to save the game.

There is a note about mixing herbs on the table. Go outside, go under the gate. You can kill the zombies that come out of the alley. Go to the same lane, turn right and take the cartridges for the pistol from the barrel on your left hand. Further down this lane will be two more zombies. After killing them, leave the lane.

The entrance to the building opposite is closed by a yellow padlock. When you get the lockpick, and then go inside. This is a toy store. There is a statuette of Mr. Charlie on the shelf on the right; in the window on the left is a box. Nearby hangs a magazine about Charlie’s figures. A green diamond is hidden inside the box.

And on the doors of the first building on the left hand hangs a chain. When you get the bolt cutter, cut the chain and go inside. On the first counter is another box, inside which is hidden a blue diamond. On the shelves in front, there are high-quality gunpowder and spray.

Walk forward along the street and break another box with a ribbon to get ordinary gunpowder. Go to the fence with zombies to start the video.

Combining two cans of ordinary gunpowder, you will receive cartridges for the gun.

There is fire in the alley on the left. There is a hydrant. You need to find a way to put out the fire. This requires a hose. After inspecting the alley, return to the street to see how zombies break through the fence. Kill zombies is optional. Run around them. Press the dodge button in time to avoid capture. Go down to the donut bar.

Use the generator to slow down the zombies


Go inside and take the pistol cartridges from the counter on the right. On one of the tables with the corpses is a jar of gunpowder. Go to the corridor, there is a door leading to the kitchen.

Please note that there is a cabinet with a yellow padlock at the entrance to the kitchen. Again, you cannot open it now. But when you get the lock pick, you’ll find a grenade inside.

Enter the kitchen and take the box from the table on the right. There is green herb in the basket to the right. To save space, you can also combine two green herbs. In the inventory, open the box to get a red diamond. In the corner, there is a chest in which you can leave all unnecessary things in storage. And nearby there is a typewriter to save the game.

Metro Offices

Exit the diner and go to the door on the right with the Railway sign. These are subway offices. Follow the long corridor, kill the zombies and pick up a fire hose from the floor. Enter the room on the right and pick up a note from the underground worker from the table. There are three drawers on the side. One of them is locked with a yellow padlock. The other two have gunpowder and grenade. On the wall cabinet with a shotgun, there is a grate by a chain. So far, you do not have a bolt cutter.

Leave the room and go into the spacious office with many desks. Under the first row is a statuette of Mr. Charlie. We will tell you more about each bobblehead in the game in our guide. When interacting with the panel, nothing will happen. There is the metro manual on the side. To the right is a container with a yellow lock. Exit through the door with the words EXIT and return to the street.

Go left along the street where you have not been. At the entrance to the building on the left is a zombie. You can immediately attack him. Inside the open pharmacy, there is green herb and ammo for the gun. There is high quality gunpowder on the side shelf.

Combining gunpowder and high-quality gunpowder, you will receive shotgun shells. And two high-quality give cartridges for the machine.

Get out of the pharmacy. A little to the right, on the other side of the street, there is a metal staircase (on the left there is a zombie and a smashed box with ordinary gunpowder). Go upstairs and enter the corridor. On boxes in front lie cartridges for the pistol. Outside the door, a zombie attacks you. Deal with him and move to the back of the room. To the left of the locked safe is a pharmacist’s magazine. Open the table drawer on the left to get gunpowder.

To open the safe, turn the handle 9 times to the left, 1 time to the right and 8 times to the left.

Exit through the nearest door, run along the metal ramp. At the top there is a destructible box with green grass. There are two zombies in another part of the roof. Next to them is gunpowder. Go to the edge of the scaffolding and knock down the stairs to create a short way down to the alley with fire. Go there; apply a hose to the hydrant to put out the fire.

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