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Walkthrough Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Full walkthrough Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


The game takes place in Louisiana. Ethan - the main character goes in search of his wife Mia. Exit the car and head down the path. Soon you come to the gates of the old manor. The gate is closed. Go to the path to the guest house. So you get to the back yard, there will be ashes. Nearby you will find a red bag of your wife. Inside there are documents. Look at them. Then go inside the house through the back door.

Guest house

If you played the demo, then this place is familiar to you. We go to the second floor. You will find the video tape on the table. View this video in the living room. After watching, you need go to the fireplace. You will find the handle near the fireplace. Pull it and a secret passage in the wall is opened, where there is a bookcase. Go into the passage. You will find yourself into the basement. There, you will find your wife. But she is in the cage. Inspect the room, you will find a table on which the bolt cutter is. Use the tool to free Mia. Then follow Mia. In Mia's no strength and she lost consciousness.

Go into the next room and inspect it. When you go back, you will see a hole in the wall. Mia is disappeared. You will be in the corridor; there is a map of the house in the cabinet near the bathroom. Also look in the bathroom, where you will find 2 first aid kits, which will be useful in the future. There is the door at the end of the hallway. Go to it. But the door is closed. You go down to the basement again. There is the first enemy. Defeat opponents, you will hear the phone ring, which is located in the hallway. We talk with some lady, and then go to the basement. Your enemy's body was gone. Take ax and head for the door, which is opened. A door leads into the hallway.

Your goal - to get to the attic. There is the closet opposite the back door. There is a fuse. Take it. Insert the fuse in the living room. Then we go to the stairs, again the opponent will wait you. After the battle, you will be in the attic. Go to the door on the left. There on the table you will find a gun and ammunition. Go to the stairs near the window. Again, the enemy will attack you. After that you will see the head of the family.

The main house

So, you were at a family dinner. At a time when almost all leave the room, you need try to knock over a chair. Move left and right. Remove the shackles and leave the room. Go right down this corridor. Suddenly, the head of the family will quickly turn around and you need go through the kitchen into the room. You will see the door in the floor in the kitchen. This is another entrance to the basement. The key to this door is located on the bedside table next to the window. As soon as Jack goes into the living room, carefully go to the window and take the key. As soon as the key is you, quietly go to the door that leads to the basement. If suddenly the enemy will go into the room, you can hide behind a table and pallets.

Next, you will in a safe place. Once you reach the door that leads into the hallway, you hear the phone ringing. Answer, after the conversation go from a safe place. Go down the hallway. At the end of the corridor will be a deputy of sheriff. Talk with him. He will give you a knife and say, go down to the garage. There will be a battle.

At first, Jack is distracted by the police. At this point, you need to act. Take the gun off the floor and the front master key in the left corner. There is a box to the right of the entrance of a garage. Open it. Take the car’s keys, and get into it. Crash into the enemy. The enemy is defeated. Go up the stairs. Pay attention to the figure of the bull in the frame. Behind slide the holder and take the figure. Move the shelf and jump down. There is a strange door at the end of the corridor. At the door, insert the statue of a bull. This leads to the main door of the house.


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