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Walkthrough Resident Evil 7: End of Zoe


At the beginning of the game we are at Joe's house. Go to the street and inspect the inventory. Here there is a guide to survival, which explains the controls. Place the manual in the box for items, and take Chem Fluid off the shelf.

Inspect the bag to the left of the box. There are two combinations of strokes:

Left, right, right - a quick combo of jabs. Right, left, right, left - a powerful attack, knocking down.

When an infected person is lying on the ground, you can finish it in the head - just as Chris does in Not A Hero. Unlike Chris, Joe can sneak up to the enemy and commit a hidden murder without a fight.

There is a tree to the left of the bridge where you can find a special object. Сombine it with a chemical reagent and you will receive a first aid kit. Also this item can be used separately for healing.

Find a cure for Zoe

When you are ready to leave from here, then cross the bridge and you will appear on a glade. There are two infected. One is in the middle of the field, and the other is near the house. Kill opponents, pierce the barrier and look around in the left side - there is a new object on the barrel. Boxer Effigies increases attacks by 1%, and Champion Effigies - by 10%.

Enter the hut in front and take the medicine from the soldier's corpse. You will see an infected on the way back to Joe's house, and two more will be near the gate. Kill them, run back to the house. It will burn. Run inside and go to Zoe to apply the medicine. This will not be enough, and the hut will be attacked by a strange monster. He will tear the soldier apart. Go back to Zoe and bring her to the boat to leave this place. You will move down the river and find yourself in the quarantine zone of Umbrella Corporation.


Leave Zoe on the couch. Try to stay away from mutants. Even Joe can not kill them in close combat!

Get into the green tent inside the base, and then follow the patrolling infected inside the second tent. If he sees you, then lure him to the entrance gate and fight one on one. You do not want to attract the attention of the fast infected, located near the second tent. Go to the second green tent and kill the monster. Try not to fight them in close combat face to face.

Fast infected are the strongest opponents in the game. Always get past them, if you can! If you can not, then use a new weapon - throwing spears to deal with them from afar.

Kill enemy and pick up the throwing spear. Use it on another infected, blocking path in front. This is a one-time weapon, so use it carefully. Soon you will be able to craft spears.

Punch the next barrier and stop at the save point. Ahead is a room with medicines and a new enemy. You will also find out that the medicine is on an abandoned ship nearby.

The path to the abandoned boat

Leave the medical pantry, and you will see the marsh mutant. Fight him and hit the barrier as soon as the monster falls. He will return - continue to fight against the enemy, jump into the water. Mutant will refuse to pursue you.

Save, collect various items. If you have not previously examined the survival allowance, then do it. The path through the swamps leads to the entrance to the abandoned boat, but on the way you will find a huge number of mutants.

Gator can only be killed with a throwing spear. There are two enemies on the way through the swamps. Use one spear on the first, and then another on the second near the wall, to the left of the hero. Climb the mud path to the left. There will be two common infected, but you can escape from them. Climb to the corpse Gator and pick up two more spears. You will need at least one spear to kill the enemy near passage to the boat.

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