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Walkthrough Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero

Move straight in the shaft, go to the intersection. Turn right. You will see mutants. Kill them and head for the corridor. Go to the railway tracks, then turn left and at the first turn again to the left. Continue straight for the huge room with the stairs. Climb up, go to the door and go into the room. Look at the cutscene.

Follow Lucas. You will find yourself in a room where the air is infected. Turn left, then right and head along the tables. Go to the end of the room where the door is. An injector is located behind the door. There is another door to the right of the table. There's clean air behind this door. Replenish the air reserve.

Go to the door, again the air will be infected. Kill the mutant and take the elevator. Ride an elevator down. You will enter the room, look for ammunition. The recorder is located on the table. Save the game. There are the red gates on the right. Pick them up.

Go to the cave. The soldier is locked to the left. Turn right to find the key. Use the elevator to go up. Go right, kill the mutants, and head to the right along the railway tracks. Take the ammunition and go to the trolley with cobblestones. Take the ammunition.

The key to the camera is located in the center of the room.

But the container will rise to the top. Turn back and continue straight ahead. Look left down to find the winch. Apply the gear, but you will need a handle. Examine the room. It is located near the center of the room.


Take grenades. Set the handle and turn. Suddenly the boss will appear. You can not kill him. Run to the key, then to the elevator. Open the grate on the camera. See the cutscene.

Take the filter and go to the room where you saved the game (where the recorder is located).

Pay attention to the green gate. Open them. Go down and open the door with the valve. The room will have two doors; open the door on the left. Go straight, then turn left along the corridor and you will find yourself in a labyrinth. You need to find bullets.

You can kill mutants using these bullets. Also you will find a night vision device.

Leave this room and now go to the door on the right. It's dark, but you have a night vision device. Go until you find the grate, open it. Break the grate and find the injector. There is a passage in the floor. Jump and go until you see 3 levers. Raise levers on the sides, and put down middle lever. Go further to the elevator and go into it. Further we go along the corridor, we kill enemies. Use a special bullet and the usual one.

That the turret does not shoot you, you'll have to go to the squat. Walk along the corridor. Open the grate. There are enemies and three turrets on the right. You are heading in the opposite direction from the turrets. First kill the enemies, and then in the squat pass the turret. Go back to the green gate. Then to the gray, it's dark. Use the night vision device.

To be continued…

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