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Walkthrough Return of the Obra Dinn

Obra Dinn

You are on a boat. You need to open the suitcase and take a diary from there. Study it. Under the diary you find some hours, take them with you. Next, go on a ship called Obra Dinn. In this game, the goal is this: to identify everyone who was on this ship.

Go the first skeleton and you look history. It can be seen from the dialogue that the shooter is Captain Robert Witterel. Mark in the journal that it is he. Examine two more people. Next, exit the scene. You enter further to the captain's cabin. You see two skeletons, then click on the space and recreate the event. Here the captain cuts with a knife, the man who broke into him in the previous scene. So you mark in the journal. There will still be 3 characters with a knife in his teeth, in the last scene he was at the top of the ship, and in this scene he snuck into the captain’s cabin.

But we will return to the cabin with two skeletons. Go to the skeleton on the right and press the space bar. The captain has a stick on the head of the character, which in the previous scene went down with a knife. You can mark him as killed by Captain Robert. We go through the open door and see the dead woman.

After that, you go into reality. Now the door in the captain's cabin is already open. Go to the skeleton on the bed. So the re-creation of events will begin again. See all the faces, after that you go to the side of the stern of the ship. Press the gap on the hacked body.

Chapter VII Part 8

Return to the body of a woman in bed. Next will be another skeleton. Look at the story. It is Captain Robert, and he shot himself. Mark it. Also mark that this woman is Abigail was crushed. From the dialogue you can understand who the captain shot dead. He said he killed brother of Abigail. Abigail from Scotland. So brother is also from Scotland. Brother is shot, then run to the one who shot dead by Robert.

When you walkthrough Return of the Obra Dinn, often check the nationality of the heroes.

This is who you identified correctly in this chapter:

  • Abigail is the wife of Captain Witterel.
  • Robert Witterel - captain of the ship Obra Dinn.
  • William Hoskat - brother of Abigail and first mate.



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