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Walkthrough Rime


There are sea, beach, and here begins our adventure. You pass between the large stone columns, past the vase (it can be broken). We go up on the ledges and find the Lullaby (1/2).  

We return to the beach, go forward to the side of the tower with a bright beam. Then turn to the right, go between the rocks on the water and go out to our first riddle. Right there is a small statue on a pedestal, go to the left of this statue, jump to the ledges and there you notice an orange glow, you approach it and take the Toy (1/3). You return to that statue and activate it. About this statue, you notice a large stone on the right (if you stand to the sea face). It indicates to the passage. You go along this passage; you notice small staircases on the right, pass through them and find the Emblem (1/5).


One of the statues is blocked by a pig, it can be distracted by orange fruit. This fruit is on a bush nearby. Activate all the small statues, then you back to the place with a large statue.  Climb the slope to the left. Follow the path, climb up the ledges and go to the ruins, then you'll find the Toy (2/3). Climb the screw steps that appeared after the activation of the statue, we pass along a small bridge, turn to the right and there we find the Emblem (3/5).  

Activate the statue in the form of an hourglass; go up the slope and to the left. You go forward along the stream and find the Emblem (2/5). Now activate the three statues almost simultaneously and move on.

Note: if you get lost and do not know where to go next, follow the fox. It will show you the right way.

You can see the passage closed by thickets on the right of the newly opened door. We tear off the orange fruit and attract the nearest pig to the thickets. Throw it into the side of the thicket and the opening is open. Go ahead and find the Toy (3/3).

We return to that place with thickets and there nearby you find a tunnel leading down to the beach. You can find a dead robot at the left end of the beach, but do not rush to go there. First you go to the right to the waterfall. There you take the glowing sphere and now go with it to the robot, next to it you press the voice button and do not release the ball. So you unlock the achievement "Ancient treasure".

There is a tower in the form of a strange skull on this same beach, climb up to it and find the Suit (1/2). Before you start to solve the puzzle with the golden figures, you go to the left of the pedestal and find the Emblem (4/5), after you solve the riddle, get on the pedestal and move the camera so as to combine the figures. You find a ledge after solving another riddle with golden figures on the steps to the left, climb over it and get into the secret zone. You rise and find the Lullaby (2/2). Behind you find small steps that lead to the Well (1/1). 5

There is a missing part of the figure in the third riddle with the golden figures on the cube. It must be moved from the aisle behind. Drag the cube to the sign behind, unfold the pedestal and combine the parts. You return the cube to its place and turn the pedestal again and add the full figures. Turn left in the hall with the wall painting.

Take the luminous key and insert it into the groove on the wall. In the next riddle, you need to get two keys. Go left to the tower. Here it is necessary to activate four statues at once. Use a special cube; it is located behind the wall on the left.

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