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Walkthrough Rime


Activate the statue in the form of an hourglass, quickly climb onto the sliding plate and jump over the wall. Here you move this unusual cube closer to the statue located above and activate it. Pull this cube out and put it on the designated place, after you activate it and you climb to the tower. Climb the column inside the tower and go to another puzzle. Move the cube with the amplifier closer to the statue in the form of an hourglass, activate the cube, quickly move it back and activate again. Now when the column with the ball has moved out, you climb to the very top to this ball, and activate it.

After you activate the tower and the tree is sprouted, you dive into the water around it, find there a secret passage to the room with flowers and get the achievement of "Funeral bouquet". Now take the key between the trees and follow the second key through the golden arch on the right.

You go through thickets and solve two riddles with balls. First you place the ball on the stand in the center and when the platform rises, you toss this ball to the stand in front. In the second you rearrange the balls so that a small platform is lifted in the middle, then you move the ball to the left and only then you open the door. Now you go back to the tree with the two keys.


Next puzzle with time, move the golden ball so that the shadow activates the white symbol on the left, and the right activates its own shadow. Further walk along the long bridge. Do not hurry to go into the luminous passage; there is a small passage below on the right, where you find the Suit (2/2).

You turn around in the hall after the passage of the door with a glowing key and notice the glow. Go forward, do not rush to go through the passage that closes the vase, instead you go around in a circle. You climb up the collapsed column to the central circle, you move to a small gap in the wall on the ledges, you pass along the hall and find the Emblem (5/5).
After you passed through the passage with vase and went out to the dark room, then you go left along the outer circle. There you will find a small gap leading to the room in which you will find the first white spirit, you need find they all to get the achievement "Sweet memories". You go further on the plot and finish the chapter.

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