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Walkthrough Rise of the Tomb Raider

Mountain Peak

Go forward for a forwarder. After Lara will slide down, click on the appropriate button. Climb to the right, jump to another ledge. More to the right and jump higher. Go to the icy wall and press the button to start the climb. Walk around the icicles on the right side and jump on the rock to the left. Climb a little higher and jump away forwarder.

Move on until you see a cut-scene. Next, you will climb with John. Use all your skills, move to the right and upward. Soon will come down an avalanche. Run away from it along the paths. Slide down on the rope. When Lara slede the hill, you will need to jump to the right side, where there are icy wall. In the end, you get out of here.

Two weeks earlier

London, England

Northwest Border of Syria

The Lost Tomb

Go up the hill, jump on the ledges until you see a hole in the rock. Walk up to it to get inside the mountain. Go forward. The cave inspect several large icons.Now you can explore the columnin in the center. After you will see on the map the place where are the coins. It's not far away from the column. Find coins, then go to the wall with a hole. Look at it, and then repeatedly hit the pickaxe to break.

The Hidden Oasis

Follow the left. You can jump twice on a brick wall. Jump on it, then re-press the jump key to push off and fly higher. Follow on until the entrance to the Oasis. When you're on the place, then climb onto the ledge and go inside. Move through the cave, and break wall.

The Prophet's Tomb

Explore the recording and the icon on the left side. There is an urn with a coin on the right. Go down the hallway until you fall thing with spikes. Shot it from a pistol and go under a log. Go ahead, do not fall down yet. Note that the top is wooden stand. Shoot the fastening element. Wooden stand falls into the water. There is a wall with a crack on the left. Destroy it so that the water level rose. climb the ledge with wooden stand. Go forward until you'll fall down. When Lara gets into the trap, first shoot at the fastening element, and then press the appropriate key (button) in order to break it. Swim forward until you select from the water.

Go forward and see the dome of the tomb. Go down into the water. Destroy the wall to the right to raise the water level. Then go to the left, where there is a shelf with corpses. Climb on the shelves upstairs. Jump on the wooden platform to raise the water level. Climb on the shelves with the corpses in the center, where is the tomb.

Upstairs, go ahead and jump. Follow to the new room, which will need to play with the water level. First, destroy the wall on the other side. In the room you will go down into the water, then the right side you can find the manuscript.

Thus, to destroy the wall, look up. A wooden platform hang straight, and the other is kept in one corner. Shoot fasteners second platform, so that it fell down. Now jump to the wooden platform. It falls.. Climb to the platform to stay afloat, and with it jump to the ledge on the column side. Jump to the other column, and with it - on the rail, which keeps a wooden stand, regulating water. Watch the cut-scene. Kill the enemies and leave the cave.

Croft Manor

Watch the cut-scene.

Northeastern Siberia

A Cold Welcome

Go down where you will see camp. Lara will say that you need to find the resources to kindle a fire. Go left. Break off the stick of the two places, and then to cut the corpse of a deer. Go back to the camp, to kindle a fire. Watch the video.

In the camp you can spend skill points. Perfect bow.

Echoes of the Past

Follow to the marker, climb up there. Go on until you will not attack the bear. Avoid him and run away. Run on brown path! The snow Lara slowed down, so it can catch up. Run on the beam and jump forward. Hide behind branches and fend off the bear. Avoid one more and attack when you see tip on the screen. Watch the video.

Go up the hill, collect resources, and then hold down the specified key to cure Lara.

Best Laid Plans

The mission update. Go back and pick up one serving of mushrooms. Climb to the top of the rock and can find a trap. Follow on to the markers and get inside a small cave two more portions of poisonous mushrooms. Go back to camp. Improve arrows near campfire. Create a poisonous tips. If you have skill points you can buy new ones. Watch the video.

Move to the specified point. Kill enemies. If you want to perform additional tasks, it is necessary to deal with three opponents without raising the alarm. When you find yourself in a cave, you will see the bear. Inside fight too closely, then return to the surface. Shot him a poisoned arrow, and then until the bear is immobilized, shoot in him 2-4 times yet. Hold down the button (key) shot.

In the cave, pick up the document on the ground and break the chest, inside is one of the parts of semi-automatic pistol. Move deeper into the cave. Swim in the water, stay at a fire, improve skills and weapons. Follow the outside and see the ship in ice. Go to the right, jump on the ice ledges and cliffs.

How to get to the Byzantine Gallery in block of ice

When you climb up the long wooden slope, then you see the mast to the left. Go through it and jump on the icy rock. Climb to the top. Jump to another mast and find yourself at the bottom of the ship. Turn mechanism by the crank, located here. There is a wall with wooden sticks to the right. The area of these sticks is hidden under the ice. You have to break it. Climb up the mast on the wooden planks next to the mechanism that you have turned. Go to the mast backwards and turn left. Jump off the edge of the mast on object that rammed. It will break the wall and the ice.

Go down and climb the walls, where there is no ice. Above note on the wheel. You can rotate it. By doing this, you tilt the mast with another object. Press the button and turn the wheel (on the console you need to rotate the analog stick). Then let go the wheel and quickly run through the mast forward and the other to the right. From the edge of the mast jump to climb up the object. The object hit the wall, and the other will break the ice. Go down to the first arm and jump to the ledge on the left. Climb on the ice wall above. Climb to the top and find the treasure. There are documents and a map with information about secret places.

Collect all and go down the road and pick up the medallion. You can continue. At the exit of the cave and then swimm in the water, do not forget to pick up a roll to the right.

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