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Walkthrough The Room: Old Sins

Training and the first room (Foyer)

You are in the attic of the Waldergrave mansion. Do what they say. Examine the lamp and click on the toggle switch to try to turn it on. It's broken. Examine the suitcase of the protagonist - open the latch, lift the lid and take away the screwdriver. Check the EOS log.

Use a screwdriver on the back of the lamp to remove it. It's time for the first puzzle! Here you need to use both hands. Pull the top to the left, and then use the other hand to pull the bottom up. Then move the upper part to the right. So that the raised lower part does not fall. The light will turn on.

Examine the gate in the doll house. Turn the coin in the center counterclockwise to unlock them. Open both doors to open the door of the doll house.

Go back to your suitcase. Inspect it from the side. Pull down the handle to open the secret compartment. Take the eyepiece. Study it in your inventory and find a small golden piece. Pull it to open the eyepiece and make it functional.

Test the eyepiece in the suitcase to see a few words - BREAK THE SEAL, FIND THE NULL. Go back to the doll house and apply the eyepiece so that you can see what's inside. Move the chair, the picture in the frame and the chandelier to go further.

Again, put on the eyepiece and double-click to enter the foyer.

Open the book lying on the table, and then read the letter from Abigail. Turn the part at the bottom of the box with the puzzle to get a copper coin. Open the item in the inventory and scatter the pieces to create a new shape. Place the coin in the socket of the box, and then apply the eyepiece to the round part. Use the two wheels to create a pattern. Take away the shield.

Exit the approach and leave the room. There is a slot at the top of the doll house. It corresponds to the shield. Put it there. A few characters will appear. Press and hold the middle until the symbols go out.

Two pedestals will rise from the land of the doll house. The left is empty, and there is a statue of a deer on the right. Rotate the deer to match the two arrows. Take another mechanical coin. Go back inside the foyer. Open another mechanical coin, like the previous one, in the inventory. Place it in another slot on the box with the puzzle, and then solve another puzzle. Take away the metal panel.

Now the top part of the box will open, and you will be given a whole series of puzzles that have to be solved. You need to use two fingers to simultaneously press the single-colored buttons. You can rotate the entire circle to move the glass that closes the buttons. Use the toggle switches to fix the glass parts in place. Take the artifact to complete the passage of the foyer.

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