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Walkthrough Root Of Evil The Tailor

Full Walkthrough Root Of Evil The Tailor

Go left the hallway; open the log by Tab key. There will be a closed door, and you can view the keyhole. Go back and left you find a table with a sewing machine. The door on the other hand is closed. There is a picture on the wall. You can see their backs. The rear portion of one of them is trolley. Place your cursor on it and wait. Figure turns red. You find a hidden character.

There is a box on the table with a sewing machine. Enter the four-digit code - 1890 to open it. Take the key from the box and go back to the first door. Drag a key from the top-left corner on the keyhole.

Go ahead and find yourself in the kitchen. There are scraps on the floor near the kitchen furniture – it is scraps from a newspaper article. There is red. You can’t move it. Here are a few tips:

  • Red scrap will be located in the upper left corner of the note.
  • When you pick up the rest of the note and place them, they also turn red.
  • At the top of the newspaper scraps will be the name of the newspaper - DAILYNEWS.

Go ahead. There is a box to the right on a pedestal. There are nine different cells, which you can click. But you do not have the right combination.

Go through the doorway. The door will slam behind you. Pay attention to the map on the wall to the right.

Follow on and pay attention to the hatch in the floor on the left. Here on the wall is an electrical panel of wood. Follow to the end of the corridor and go through the door. It again will slam behind you.

Go forward and take away half of the card from the tables to the left. You see the first three digits – 035 on it.

Nearby there is a phone, but you do not have the total number. There is a door in another part of the room. The door leads to the starting corridor. You can find a hidden character on the wall to the right of the door.

Return to the hallway and see a spool of red thread. Take it, to view the memory.

Now you need move along the same room in a circle. The first door will need to push several times to open. Next to the kitchen inspect the metal box in the center of the kitchen wall to the side of the search for a third hidden character.

In the end, you are rested into the closed door. Turn around, the protagonist loses consciousness.

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