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Walkthrough Rusty Lake Roots

James and grain Look around the house on location Rusty Lake. Click on the main character. You need to click on the black arrows right or left sides to move the screen. Move the screen right to see a watering can. Click on it to pick up in inventory.

Click on the suitcase left of James. Look its lock. You must enter the three-digit code. You can, of course, find it by selecting. But you need click on the letter in the pocket of James. Open the letter and read it. In the lower right part of the page is the code. In my case it is 572. You must enter it into the suitcase lock to get out the bone and the special grain. This grain is in the box next to the bone. Slide the switch on the cover left to right to open the box.

Give the dog a bone. Click on it a few times, so the dog dugs a hole. Zoom into the pit. Apply it on the grain, and then pour the water. You have to move the screen left to the well to get water. Attach the hook to the rope of well watering, and then turn the lever on the well. Again, rotate it to lift the watering with water. Pour the grain. It must be done twice!

Click on James, who is holding a hat. Click on his face. Click on the tree to make it grew. Click on a different frame for the launch of a new episode.

Spring 1860. Home

Click on the dark silhouette of James. Do you see two pots at the fence? From one of them, remove the diamond. There is a worm left of the pot. Take it. Examine the tree and break a dry twig in left side.

Move to right screen. Look at the window. There is a diamond. Apply diamond from inventory to break the glass. Take the second diamond. Do you see a stool on the ground? Drag it by holding down the left mouse button. Drag so that James stands one foot on a stool. Click on it and James stands two feet on it. Now insert the branch in the arm of James and click on the slot to clear it down. Examine the nest, beat the egg and give the worm to black bird. Click it to fly away. Take the third diamond of the nest.

Examine the door right, insert it three diamonds. Turn the knob to gain access into the house.

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