Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 1: Strange Neighbors

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Read full walkthrough first episode of Sally Face.

Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 1

Answer the phone. Go to the door on the left, click on the switch. Scooch the cabinet on the right, pick up the key and go outside. Select the doors that make up the word DOG. Interact with the dog, pay attention to the number “6” in the tree. Go down to the grave and see the number “4” on the wall. Enter code 64 to go further. Chat with the man, click on the hospital bed and leave the nightmare. Talk to the doctor.

Take a look at Sally’s room, move the TV cabinet to the left and pick up the Gear Boy console. Take the elevator to the fifth floor, in apartment 504, talk to the homeless. Go down to the third floor, talk to the housekeeping Lisa. You learn about her son Larry. She will give you a key card. There is a room of Charley in the apartment 204 on the second floor. Chat with him and learn the pony.

Go down to the first floor and chat with Addison in apartment 103. Follow the basement; look at the apartment of Lisa and Larry. Enter Larry’s room and chat with him on all topics. Examine the radio on the cabinet on the right. Larry will have a plan. You will get a walkie-talkie. Ask him about Addison (he talks about Addison’s tea).

Go up to your room, click on Shift and contact Larry. When he distracts the cops, enter apartment 403 and study the toys on the nightstand. Larry will have a plan. Now you need to distract Charley and steal a rare pony from him. Order tea from Addison (you learned about tea from Larry), go up to your apartment (402) and use a sleeping pill in the toilet.

Instead, you can take a laxative from the bathroom in room 504 (additional achievement). Take this tea to Charley. While he is busy, pick up the toy (Sally will take it automatically). Take the toy to the detective on the first floor.

Go back to your apartment; look into your father’s room. He will sleep in a chair. Pick up quarter from the floor, go down to the third floor, where Lisa was, and talk to Chug. After the conversation, give him a quarter. Take the key and go up to apartment 504 and enter the bathroom to meet the ghost of a girl named Megan.

Sally Face Episode 1: Strange Neighbors
Sally Face Episode 1: Strange Neighbors

Leave the bathroom, talk to Chug and go outside. Talk to the detective and see the arrested Charlie. Go all the way to the right to find Sanderson’s body in the van.


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