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Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 3: The Bologna Incident

Stand on the button in the floor. Levers will appear to the left and right of the pentagram. Lower the left (twice) and right (one) levers to go further. You split up. First you control Larry. Select the doors in the following order: right, center, left. Go to the left of the screen, stand on the button and activate the lever.

Прохождение Sally Face Эпизод 3
Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 3

Return to the room with the doors and go through the far right. Press the five buttons so that everyone is depressed. So you will be in the right place.

In the role of Sally, you will need to do about the same. Go through the doors in the following order: middle, left, right. Go to the screen to the right, stand on the button and lower the lever. Return to the door and go through the far left. Solve the riddle with the buttons and meet Larry. Move left and find Ashley. First you will need to lower the levers with Larry.

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