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Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough Sally Face Episode Four: The Trial

Also you can read walkthrough all parts: 1-Strange Neighbors; 2-The Wretched; 3-The Bologna Incident



Move to the left. Leave the bedroom. There is a dark location. We speak with Beelzebul.

He forbids Sally Fisher to go through the door until he “admires his creations”.

Go left and pass into three open doors. Remember the runes depicted on the walls. In each of the rooms we draw attention to the "creations" of Beelzebul:

We return to Beelzebul and tell quotations from his creations. We ask permission to pass room № 6.

Beelzebul disappears, opening the passage.

Videocassette №1

The fourth door is locked with a combination lock.

The code is the number of lines in the runes on the walls of the rooms. You see the “creation” In room 4. Remember the numbers recorded on the wall - 342 697.

The door to room 5 is boarded up.

Turn on the TV.

Watch the video.

  • Note. The cassette appears only after the door to room 4 is opened.

We leave from the approximation.

Chapter one

Sally is in his own bedroom. He became older.

Look at the charger on the locker.

Sally can't remember where he left the phone.

Leave from the bedroom. Pass to the left and go "upward". Speak with Neil. Ask him about phone. He gives phone to Sally TELEPHONE. He found it on the porch of the house. Also ask him about strange sounds?  But he runs away.

You go down in the bedroom. You need to recharge your phone.

Check the phone in a minute.

Videocassette №2

Go to the second floor. Move to the right and take a note from the locker.

There is a new code for the barn.

Go down, follow to the right, then we go in the "cellar". Follow the right to "Exit". Approach the barn, enter the code 4035364 (dial the numbers on the panel buttons with the WASD keys, confirm the action - press the space bar and press the E button). There, you take a videocassette from the table.

See the video.

Return to the room of Sally and take away TELEPHONE. Read messages from Larry, reply SMS.

We look at the video of the trial of Sally Fisher. Sally asks the judge to continue his story.

Sally meets Larry on the porch. Friends agree to go to a residential building to explore it. KEY-MAP appears in the inventory

Speak with Larry, go to the left. Cross the road, pass by the cemetery and church.

Follow the depth of the screen to Addison Apartments...

Purpose: Search apartments

Note. You need to find five TEETH to complete the task. They are located in different rooms of the apartments. TEETH will be required to start the installation. So, you can get the KEY to the door to the basement (bedroom 2). You should go around almost all the apartments, talk to the remaining tenants to get the full continuing story lines. Our walkthrough shows only the location of the necessary items and videotapes.

You need a penknife with a set of tools to get some items. There is in the kitchen in apartment 203.

  • "N" Tooth  (1/5) - on the floor in bedroom 1 (entrance from the elevator to the right through the storeroom in the basement);
  • "E" Tooth (2/5) - in the living room of the apartment number 102 (Miss Rosenberg), 1st floor;
  • Tooth (3/5) - in the bathroom in the apartment of Tedd's parents (No. 202);
  • «S» Tooth  (4/5) - on the table in the kitchen of the apartment №304;
  • «W» Tooth (5/5) - in a niche in the living room of the apartment number 501 (after talking with the homeless).

Collect five TEETH and go to apartment 502. Use a penknife to open the bottom of the old bird cage.

The cage stands upside down (look at the manufacturer's plate), place the teeth with capital letters on the sides of the world in the mirror position (S is at the top, N is at the bottom, E is on the left, W is on the right).

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