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Walkthrough Salt and Sanctuary

Walkthrough Salt and Sanctuary


Move forward and talk to the pirate by pressing C. Killer appears. Defeat him. Normal attack is left mouse button; a heavy attack is right mouse button. You can to penetrate the block by heavy attack, but it takes longer. You can close with the enemy and run back to force the strike. Immediately run and counterattack. Use the left CTRL to put a block.

Go right and climb the ladder to the top. At the top you can to kill a few enemies. There are the white jars with coins in the corner under the stairs on the left. Get out on the deck and see The Unspeakable Deep. Fight with the enemy is useless, he kill you.

Shivering Shore

Go to the old man on the right. Answer positively twice and get away Chandelier Trinity. There is bottle with a note on the ground to the right. They tell about the management. The left mouse button, you can attack and parry the opponent's attacks. Approach the fire from above. You can roll Left Shift key.

Kill the two zombies, open the chest and grab the key from the shelter. Go ahead and grab the note from bottles. You can switch between fighting mode on the TAB key. If you are a knight, then you switch between to keep the gun in both hands or use a sword with a shield.

Go to the right and open the door to the shelter. Attach chandelier to the stand. There are pictures of the King, Knight and judges on the wall. Press the C key, stand at the chandelier. Here you can improve your level of the collected sphere (or the soul), choose those or other skills. You get soul for killing enemies.

Exit through the passage to the right and jump onto the canopy here. You find the barrel at the top and get the chest with the good. Go down. You will find a health elixir in the chest. Press the button E to switch it on. Do you see box with items in the upper left corner of the screen? Previously, there was only a chandelier, and now you can choose the elixir. Press the F to use the elixir. So you can use any chosen subject.

There is the door at the foot of the stairs to the right, but it is closed. You need to keep the D key with S to get to this door and not up the stairs. If you want to go up the stairs that you need to hold the key D with key W.

Go to the right. You will see the first crossbowman. When he shoots, you hold down the left CTRL, to expose the shield. Kill it or run past. You open the door to the building on the right. And this is a new location.

The Festering Banquet

Kill a zombie and go right. There are a lot of transitions, but you need to move that left. There are two locked gratings on the right side. You climb to the top. You can find the ring on the left side. From here you need move to the right and up, where you will wait for the first boss of the game - Sobbed Knight.

The first boss Sobbed Knight killing

Use rolls and jumps. Put the unit is practically useless, but why not. When the boss is about one-third of health and struck by lightning, he immediately jumps to the other side, which looks. After landing he may suddenly turn around and hit back. Be careful, time to use potions. You need to jump up from lightning. You win and get the key to the castle.


Get down with this key and open the wooden door. Talk to the man on the right to take his extra quest.

Go right and jump down. Enter the cave on the left. All the time you need follow on the left side; go down lower and lower. Kill a flying skeleton in a red cloak. Open the wooden door and find yourself on an entirely new location.

Village of Smiles

But first, go back, go up higher and move up to the left. There will need to open a wooden door with a lever. You will find yourself at the first location. Log in to the shelter on the left to get to a place where there are paintings of the King, Knight and judges. Touch chandelier and select the third line from the top down. Use all four statues, and you shall call upon the different characters, among which will be a blacksmith and merchants. Spend collected souls to increase the level, select the new skills. Go back to the same village.

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