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Walkthrough Samorost 3

Full Walkthrough of Samorost 3

This is the third part of the series of the same name. Management in the game is using by the mouse. The mouse pointer can take two basic forms - "legs" and "palm". If you click the left mouse button in a certain part of the screen (while the cursor will be in the form of "legs") the character will move to that point. If you see the palm image, you can interact with that object.

At the very beginning of the game the main character find a pipe. And he uses it to "play the pipe." You can apply it to a variety of objects, to listen and to see the various "ghosts".

Go left at the new location. You will see a huge bud. Apply to it a pipe. Select it in the top right corner of the screen. You'll see a scene with a flying object. Hover your mouse over the bottom of the screen, where it will move to a new location. Follow there. Apply the tube to a plastic bottle in the middle of the location, to see the spirit of the bottle.

Talk to your grandfather left, he repairs something. Your character wants to fly on a flying saucer. Grandpa tells you what details you need to find to do this.

Go back to the location from the house. Three trees grow on the right side from it. Click on the white flowers on the branches of a tree. When you collect all the flowers, you will get the achievement. Inside the house, on the second floor is a book (on the bedside table). You can take it, and then open by moving the cursor to the top of the screen. The book describes how the ancestors had fought with the monster.

Again, go to the old man-mechanics. In the background there is a mountain with protrusions in the form of mushrooms. Jump to these projections upwards and climb up to a small cave. Wait. When the Golden Hind jump past you and get up on the ledge to the left, then click on it to your hero will jump on the animal and roll. For this you get more achievement!

How to build a ship

You have to bring to engineer four parts - bottom, roof, seat, and remote control. Go home; you can climb to the second floor and rest. You need lick on the bed and then on the light bulb to turn off the lights. Get down to the first floor of the house and click on the bathtub. Your character will automatically take it to a mechanic. You find the bottom of the spaceship!

Go back home, where click on a stool where a bath stands. You find the seat for the vehicle!

Go to the house and go to the location on the right side. You will see a hung lift and control. This remote control can be used in the construction of the spacecraft, but you cannot take it. Click on the panel and you will see two levers and the red button. Red button gives a command platform movement. If the left arm is raised up, the platform must move to the left when you press the red button. If the lever is pushed down, the platform by pressing the red button moves to the right. The right lever controls the length of the rope holding the platform. The lower arm is lowered, the lower will be the platform to sink (again you have to press the red button for the changes to take effect).

Lower the right arm at the penultimate mark. Now lower the left arm and press the red button. Then lift the lever again and push the red button. Repeat this process more twice. As you move the platform to the right, left, right, left, right, left. It will hit the wooden post on the right side. In the end, after the third hit the post crack and fall down. This bridge will appear. Everything else now, you can pick up the remote control. Click on it and go to mechanics. It remains to find the roof of a spaceship!


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